Snooki: 'My Boobs Are Disgusting'

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Snooki only looks proud of her assets. (James Devaney/WireImage)

"Jersey Shore's" breakout star might have changed her partying ways since becoming a mom, but she's still the same old Snooki!

The 25-year-old, also known as Nicole Polizzi, gave the kind of candid, ridiculous quotes that she's known for while filming her appearance on Friday's episode of "Bethenny."

"My boobs are disgusting," complained Snooki, who welcomed baby Lorenzo in August 2012 and then breastfed him. "My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big. You can't see now because I have a bra — I have a Victoria's Secret Wonder Bra on – but when I don't, they just sag and it's like skin, so I am thinking of getting a boob job maybe … I want to feel confident with my boobies and I don't."

(Host Bethenny Frankel, of course, advised her guest and fellow reality star to follow her lead and get the lift.)

Snooki might want to wait a while before going under the knife, though, because she plans to go through the baby experience several more times with her fiancé Jionni LaValle.

"We are probably getting married next year," the "Dancing With the Stars" contestant said. "So right after that we are going to have a baby. I want four babies. I want to be the mom in the grocery store, like, 'Shut up, get over here.' I like being crazy. I want to be embarrassed by my kids in public, so it's not me anymore, it's my kids."

Oh, Snooki! Those comments are right up there with gems such as "My nipples won't stay in my shirt" and "To drink, or not to drink?"

What's your favorite crazy Snooki quote?

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