‘Single and Ready to Mingle’ Drake Breaks Down Past Romances … and Rumors

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Drake dished about his love life on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show.' (Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.)

The juiciest gossip about Drake's love life is coming from the rapper himself!

During his appearance on Friday's "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the 26-year-old Grammy winner found himself in the hot seat, getting grilled about the many A-listers to whom he has been romantically linked. And the "Started From the Bottom" hunk didn't shy away from answering the tough questions.

"This is where my career goes into a downward spiral," the "Degrassi: The Next Generation" alum said with a laugh when DeGeneres announced they'd be playing a dating game in which she'd show a photo of a famous female and Drake would have to say whether they dated. He also joked to his handlers who arranged the interview, "Management: We are having a conversation about this!"

Despite his playful protests, he was a good sport about the whole thing — and quite forthcoming with information. Here's what he said about each lovely lady…

Rihanna: "Yeah, great girl. We had our moment. Always support and have love for her. And yeah…" he trailed off. When DeGeneres commented that he seemed nervous and asked if he would like a do-over he replied, "I’m not into do-overs. In any regard. Which is an ironic thing to say in this situation." When DeGeneres's deejay laughed at the obvious Rihanna reference in that statement, Drake quipped, "Did you like that one?"

Nicki Minaj: "Me and Nicki are like family. I love Nicki with all my heart. We’ve haven’t really shared intimate moments like that [though]."

Tyra Banks: "I went on a date with her one time. Just one date. We went to Disneyland in disguise actually, which was fun." He paused and then added, "I don't know if it was a date. It was a get-together," he laughed. "We're [still] close as well."

Kim Kardashian: "No, no. Come on."

Kat Dennings: "I just always had a huge crush on Kat Dennings. She was kind enough one night to oblige me and we went out for dinner, but that was … They don't call me back after one date according to this [game]! She's great though. She's phenomenal."

As for whether he's dating anyone right now, Drake claimed he's unattached — and on the market.

"I'm not," he replied, then confidently declared: "I'm single. I'm ready to mingle."

We're sure he'll have no shortage of offers when it comes to mingling — there's probably a line forming somewhere at this very minute — but there may fewer celebrity ladies willing to get in line now that he's dated and dished.

Check out Drake's interview with Ellen:

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