Terrence Howard’s Ex-Wife Granted Restraining Order Against Actor

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Michelle Ghent Howard and Terrence Howard (Getty Images)

Update: "Omg! Insider" got a hold of Michelle Ghent Howard's request for a Temporary Restraining Order against ex-husband Terrence Howard on Tuesday afternoon, and it's a doozy!

In the request (which was granted), she claims that he attacked her, "sucker punched" her, and tried to strangle her, amongst other dastardly actions.

The most interesting part, however, is Terrence Howard's response to the Petitioner (Ghent), in which he claims that text messages from his ex-wife indicate that she is "just insane" and "went to a 'crazy institute,'" and that she recently tried to commit suicide.

He also claims that "she recently and repeatedly threatened to harm and or kill (him) and his family," and that "she is using this ex parte DV TRO application as part of her scheme to 'bring [Terrence] down once and for all' and ruin his reputation and career." He adds that she intentionally filed her claims on the day of the premiere of "The Butler" to draw maximum media attention to the case.

It's going to be interesting to see how the next hearing on the case plays out later this month.

"Omg! Insider" also obtained the photos submitted by Michelle to the court as evidence, below.

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Michelle Ghent's submitted photo evidence (LA Superior Court)

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More of Michelle's photo evidence (LA Superior Court)


Terrence Howard's ex-wife, Michelle Ghent, received a temporary restraining order against the actor in court on Tuesday, claiming that he beat her during a fight they had while on vacation last week in Costa Rica.

Howard, 44, can't come within 100 yards of Ghent until another hearing set for later this month. He also can't contact her. TMZ first reported the news on Tuesday.

Ghent appeared in court sporting a distinct black eye, but there was no mention of how she got it. Howard's lawyer also reportedly requested a restraining order for the actor against Ghent, but was denied.

Also reportedly brought up in court was the allegation that Ghent had sent Howard some very outrageous and threatening text messages. The judge reportedly agreed to discuss those text messages during the next hearing.

Ghent and Howard's divorce was finalized on May 6.

"Entertainment Tonight's" Nancy O'Dell spoke with Howard at Monday's night's premiere of "The Butler" in New York City, where he denied any allegations that he's ever hurt Ghent. "[The allegations are] completely wrong," the actor said. "Unfortunately, there are some documents that will come out and will tell everything that has occurred, but I never laid my hands on that woman. Or any woman, that's just not my way."

Hey, at least the film's getting great reviews!

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