Photo: See Kim Kardashian’s Bare Baby Bump

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Kim Kardashian (Instagram)

We've all been keeping a close eye on Kim Kardashian's maternity fashion, but it appears her bump has finally "popped," to use her own words.

The reality TV starlet, who's expecting her first child with boyfriend Kanye West in July, posted side-by-side images of her pregnant belly on Instagram alongside the caption, "Baby Love." And, while that bump may just be the most photographed ever, this is the first time we've seen it uncovered.

After magazine covers and constant scrutiny over weight gain and unorthodox maternity clothes, Kardashian defended herself last month in her blog. "I've found that I’ve gained inches and I’ve gotten wider but my belly hasn’t popped yet, so I struggle finding things that don’t make me look heavy."

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With these adorable new pics, we're guessing we might start to see her dressing a little differently.

She's also got one heck of a team behind her ready to get her back into shape once the baby comes.

"Enjoy your pregnancy and relax because I'm going to get you back," her trainer, Tracy Anderson, told omg! on Thursday. "Everyone's journey is completely unique, no one should ever judge that path. I've got her back."

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That's probably nice to hear for the super-busy mom and dad-to-be. According to our calculations, Kim and Kanye have only spent 18 days together since the pregnancy was announced.

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