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Louis is Superman! (Pacific Coast News)

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Check out that cape. (Pacific Coast News)

It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Louis Bardo Bullock!

Sandra Bullock's adorable son, Louis, didn't let a rainy Los Angeles day get him down on Monday. Instead, he used the powers of Superman to will the clouds away. The 3-year-old cutie was spotted walking home from school with his mom in a Superman raincoat, complete with a cape, jeans and a pair of red sneakers.

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From the looks of it, little Louis spent the day crafting a Mother's Day gift for his superstar mom. Bullock, who beat the rain wearing a pair of black boots, leggings, and a cozy sweater, was spotted holding a pot of yellow flowers from her little guy as they exited the school.

This isn't the first time the A-list tot has had us cooing over his cool style choices. In February 2012, Louis donned a T-shirt version of Clark Kent's famous getup. And last year, the Cajun cookie dressed as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween and cheered for Super Bowl winner Michael Oher (and "The Blind Side" inspiration) in his #74 Baltimore Ravens jersey.

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Whether or not the 48-year-old actress has a hand in Louis's fashion choices, we'll never know. But let's hope he takes after his mom and gets into the movie business.

Clearly, he'd make a great Superman!

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