Peek Inside George Clooney’s House of Friends

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They say three's a crowd, but that's not the case when it comes to George Clooney's friendship with Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber.

The trio is so close that they once considered building one house that they could all stay in together during their regular trips to Los Cabos, Mexico. Instead, in 2009 they built side-by-side structures that, though strikingly similar, are decorated in very different styles, both of which they showcase in the new issue of Architectural Digest.

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Casa Gerber vs. Casa Clooney (Björn Wallander/Architectural Digest)

Gerber, 51, and Crawford, 47, opted for neutral, minimalist decor, while 52-year-old Clooney added touches of tropical colors and patterns to his abode. Snapshots from both homes show just the kind of exotic, open-air place that you would want to lay your head after a night of tossing back margaritas in paradise. Appropriately enough, the oceanside compound has been christened Casamigos (House of Friends) by its owners.

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Besties Rande Gerber and George Clooney (Björn Wallander/Architectural Digest)

"We've been hanging out for 20-something years," Gerber, a nightlife entrepreneur, tells the magazine. "Long before the houses were built, we would travel to Baja together, staying at different hotels and drinking tequila."

Crawford, who tied the knot with Gerber in 1998, explains that the trio decided to build at the locale out of necessity — well, at least what wealthy celebs might consider a necessity.

"Once we had kids, we would go on vacation at Christmas," Crawford notes. "But you'd have to book hotels a year in advance, and then you'd get there and they never quite lived up to expectations."

Mix Up Some Casamigos Cocktails With George and Rande's Recipes

Not so at Casamigos, where Clooney trusted the Gerbers to oversee the project for the most part.

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Clooney's living room (Björn Wallander/Architectural Digest)

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"Rande has this amazing eye for houses and style," explains Clooney, who visited the site every two weeks or so. "I wanted something that would blend in, something indigenous that would feel in harmony with the setting."

Even though the three ended up as neighbors and not roommates, they still spend a lot of time together when they're on vacation.

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The Gerbers' pool (Björn Wallander/Architectural Digest)

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"Our lives go back and forth," Crawford notes. "We'll have cocktails at our place and dinner at George's, and vice versa."

Gerber adds, "It's just nice at the end of the night to have your own place to go back to."

Besides, you never know when Clooney will have a lady friend along for the trip!

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