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Is Oprah Upset About Her Oscar Snub?

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"Lee Daniels' The Butler" was critically acclaimed and received great success at the box office, but it wasn't so successful when it came to Oscar nominations, and neither were the actors. Despite numerous pundits expecting that Oprah would earn a nod for her role as Gloria Ganes in the film, she — and the film itself — was noticeably absent when the Academy Award nominees were announced Thursday morning.

"The Insider" co-anchor Kevin Frazier chatted with the star Thursday night on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards where she revealed just how she was feeling about being snubbed by the Academy Awards.

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"Look at that category, and look at who's nominated in that category. My friend Julia [Roberts] and June [Squibb], whom I don't know, and Sally Hawkins and Jennifer [Lawrence] and Lupita [Nyong'o]," she said. "I think that's fantastic! And I haven't picked up the acting chops in 15 years, so to be able to be a part of a film that could get that kind of attention, that could earn that kind of audience respect that it has, I've been saying all along, I've already won."

But Oprah didn't stop there. She wanted to make sure people knew there were no hard feelings.

"If anybody sees or reads anything that says I was the slightest bit upset, I had no expectation for a nomination," she explained. "I really didn't. I think I'm the only person that didn't in my group and I just feel like, 'Wow, what an amazing thing that I got to do that [film].' I really do."

The 59-year-old hasn't only been working on her acting lately; thanks to a photo posted by her BFF Gayle King, we all know she's also been working on her toilet! While Oprah can definitely afford to pay a plumber, she admitted she had to fix it on her own.

"What had happened was when you go to flush it and it didn't — there's a little chain that connects to that little line thing that's connected to the bubble," she said, dropping some professional lingo. "When the chain falls down and it drops, then you cannot flush. But if you pick that chain up and you put it in the right spot, then it flushes. So I figured that out because Stedman's toilet was running and I wanted to fix his without calling the plumber. … I went around and I took the tops off all the other toilets to see what that was doing and I figured out what was missing and it was the chain."

Still no word as to why this required her to wear a hat fit for the Kentucky Derby, but we suppose that looked better in the photo than, say, the low-slung pants plumbers are famous for.

Check out this video to see what else Oprah had to say about Oscar and the john, and tune in to "The Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news!

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