NBC News’s Jenna Wolfe and Stephanie Gosk Come Out as a Couple, Announce Baby Girl on the Way

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Gosk and Wolfe (Dustin Cohen/People)

NBC News correspondent and "Weekend Today" anchor Jenna Wolfe is used to going on some crazy adventures in her reporting, but now she's embarking on her biggest adventure of all -- motherhood!

Wolfe and fellow NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk not only came out of the closet as a lesbian couple Wednesday, but they also announced that they're expecting a baby girl together.

"This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to us," Wolfe told People exclusively in its new issue on newsstands this week. "But I don’t want to bring my daughter into a world where I'm not comfortable telling everyone who I am and who her mother is."

Wolfe, 39, and Gosk, 40, have been together for three years, but admit that their crazy schedules have made starting a family a difficult task.

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"We were constantly on the road, juggling a thousand balls at once," Wolfe explained. "It’s a miracle we got it all together … In a way, we can’t wait to start … Stephanie keeps saying, 'Hurry up! What’s taking so long?' And I'm like, '[The baby's] cooking!'"

Wolfe also shared the news on the "Today" show couch Wednesday morning.

"I have some big news -- this is actually big for me. I’m actually pregnant. I'm quite pregnant, in fact. My girlfriend Stephanie Gosk, who works here also at NBC -- we're expecting a baby girl at the end of August," Wolfe told Matt Lauer. "Stephanie's extremely adventurous, she's been all over the world. And you know me -- there's not a building I haven't jumped off of … so, for us, this is nothing like that. This is the adventure of a lifetime."

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Wolfe added that she's going to be blogging about her experiences. "I know I'm not the first person to have a baby, but I'm having a baby for the first time … This is a journey that I'm very excited to take."

Wolfe is due August 27. She told People that she and Gosk plan to wed in the future.

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