Mom-to-Be Ivanka Trump’s 3 Delivery Room Essentials

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Ivanka Trump celebrating Fit Pregnancy’s October/November issue. (Getty Images)

Ivanka Trump reports to work in a building that bears her family's name, travels everywhere in a luxurious private plane, and calls a posh 10-room Park Avenue apartment with views of Manhattan's Central Park home. However, when it comes to giving birth, she wants what all women do: comfort.

With just two weeks to go before her second child is due, the businesswoman and designer, who is married to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner, was feted as the latest cover girl for Fit Pregnancy magazine. And it was there that omg! caught up with the 31-year-old, who opted not to find out the gender this time around, and she, um, delivered her essentials for looking glamorous during pregnancy and making it through the unglamorous labor process.

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Her Secret to Looking Good While Pregnant: Avoid maternity wear! "I've actually made it through most of this pregnancy without wearing maternity clothes. The first time around, I took it so literally with the wrap dresses," says Trump, who has a 2-year-old daughter, Arabella. "Those things are great and good staples for one's wardrobe, but I think you can actually be a lot more playful."

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Ivanka says Arabella is is 'incredibly excited' to meet the baby. (Instagram)

Her 3 Wardrobe Essentials: Blouses, skinny pants, and comfy heels."I wear a lot of blouses now that I didn't in the first pregnancy," she shares."And J.Crew just came out with a line of maternity and they actually have great pants. They have these very well-tailored skinny pants which are phenomenal, so I’ve been wearing those a lot." As for footwear, "A comfortable pair of heels. I'll wear flats on the weekends, but during the weekday, I want to look more polished. But it's important that style and comfort is balanced there."

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Ivanka with her family in New York September 26. (

And 3 Essentials for the Delivery Room? "First, I would have to say music," says Trump, who gave birth to Arabella while her wedding song, "This Year's Love," by David Gray, was playing. Beyond that, her own toiletries and a new robe. "Really just comfort items," she notes. "Having those makes you feel a bit more at home in an otherwise not-so warm environment."

Why She Doesn't Care That Dad Donald Doesn't Do Diapers: Earlier this year, her comment about her father, Donald Trump, being a hands-on grandfather — but not doing diapers — generated a lot of headlines. So is there a way to get him to come around to the unpleasant task for Baby No. 2? "I don't think I need to. There's always somebody more qualified around — like myself," she laughs.

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How Long She'll Take Off for Maternity Leave: "I don't know. I guess I have to see how chaotic my life becomes. What I do professionally is such a big part of me and is so important to me that I would never stop working, but … there is naturally an adjustment period. It's challenging. I'm in a family business [and] I have my own businesses. You can't really compartmentalize or shut off. But I'll figure it out," she smiles. "I'll wing it."

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