Miley Cyrus Thinks She Is ‘One of the Biggest Feminists in the World’

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Miley Cyrus is a feminist, ya'll! The "We Can't Stop" singer stopped by BBC's "Newsbeat" on Wednesday and addressed the naysayers that claim she's taking a wrecking ball to the feminist movement with her recent antics. "I feel like I'm one of the biggest feminists in the world, because I tell women to not be scared of anything," she said.


The 20-year-old also vented her frustrations over the existing double standards between men and women. "Guys get to show their t------ on the beach, why can't we," she asked. "I don't understand the double standard of life."

And while many may dismiss Miley's self-appointed title as a feminist, one person who's not blaming the former Disney star for her artistic choices is Gloria Steinem.

When "omg! Insider" caught up with the activist back in October and asked her if she thought the controversy surrounding Miley has been a setback for women, she didn't blame the starlet at all.

"You know, I don't think so. I wish we didn't have to be nude to be noticed," Steinem said. "But given the game as it exists, women make decisions. For instance, the Miss America contest is in all of its states, forms … the single greatest source of scholarship money for women in the United States. If a contest based only on appearance was the single greatest source of scholarship money for men, we would be saying, 'This is why China wins.' You know? It's ridiculous. But that's the way the culture is. I think that we need to change the culture, not blame the people that are playing the only game that exists."

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