Maria Menounos Wrestles With WWE Divas While Wearing Flashy Spandex Suit

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Maria Menounos (Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

No doubt about it, Maria Menounos is in top fighting form.

The "Extra" host looked both terrific and terrifying as she jumped in the ring for her WWE matchup in a teeny cropped top that showed off her belly button piercing — we hope that didn't get in the way! Sparkly blue spandex tights allowed her to flaunt her fierce physique at the smackdown, which took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday before WWE's SummerSlam, according to E! online. And she showed no mercy.

The 35-year-old teamed up with WWE star Natalya (a.k.a Nattie) to take on Brie Bella of the Bella Twins and Eva Marie for the SummerSlam Axxess match. And despite taking some hard body slams, Menounos ended up winning the brawl.

The television host has seen the inside of a WWE ring before. In fact, she's been a longtime fan of professional wrestling and has shown off her moves — and spandex getups — in the past. She made her wrestling debut in 2009 when she joined forces with with Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim against Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes, and Alicia Fox. Menounos apparently enjoyed it so much that she went on to have several more tag team matches in 2011, 2012, and 2013 — and won them all.

According to a 2009 story in the Boston Globe, when Menounos, who had been a life-long fan, was invited to host the WWE "Monday Night RAW" she said she'd do it, but she also wanted to wrestle. To prep for her fight, the actress took classes to learn moves such as the leg drop, the arm drag, and the sunset flip.

"I've wrestled in the ring four times since 2009 and it literally continues to be one of the best experiences of my career," Maria told omg! of her experience.

Still, Menounos may be more style than substance. "She looks the part," Andrew Goldstein, former WWE Creative Team Member (writer) and now a Supervising Producer at VH1 told omg! in an email. "But her work inside the ring is not ready for primetime. Slow and sloppy but not the worst I've ever seen. Like her "Extra" co-host Mario Lopez, she was saved by the bell in there. Didn't help that she was working mostly with a fellow rookie in Total Divas newbie, Eva Marie. Sadly, Snooki had a better showing in the ring at Wrestlemania 27. See her backflip!"

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