‘Mad Men's' Alison Brie Ponders Wedding Gift for Co-Stars

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Brie on Wednesday night. (Getty Images)

Alison Brie, who portrays Vincent Kartheiser's on-screen wife on AMC's "Mad Men," did a little thinking Wednesday about a wedding gift for her costar and his newly-minted fiancée Alexis Bledel.

The Director's Guild of America hosted the drama's sixth season premiere, where we asked how to shop for someone as quirky as Kartheiser: he used to rely solely on public transit (rare in Los Angeles), lived in what he called a "wooden box," and talked about forgoing having children as an environmental cause.

Not the first person clamoring for a bridal registry, one would think.

"I'll just donate money to something in their name," Brie told omg!.

The actress, who also stars on NBC's "Community," is ecstatic over the announcement -- but some of her devoted Twitter followers thought she'd take the news harder.

Bledel, after all, portrayed a one-night stand of Kartheiser's Pete Campbell on the show, wrecking his fictional home with Brie's Trudy.

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Engaged: Kartheiser and Bledel.

"My Twitter was aflurry with people sending me messages like, 'I hate to break this news to you,' like I was going to be pissed! I'm so excited!" said Brie. "They seem like the greatest couple."

Brie recently appeared on the cover of Wired magazine dressed in drag as "Mad Men" lead Don Draper, played by Jon Hamm.

"It was so fun, I was sort of like, 'I don't know what Jon Hamm is going to think about this.' But I just went for it. It felt very '80s to be honest, like sexy '80s," she said.

One Hollywood trick for butching up her girlish figure?

"I was in a lot of layers, and I was actually in a little boy's suit," said Brie.

At least she's got some experience in kids' clothing if Kartheiser and Bledel's next invite is for a baby shower.

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