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You’ll Never Guess What Ryan Gosling Thinks Is the Worst Thing You Can Call Someone…

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Ryan Gosling (Wireimage)

For anyone still holding out hope Ryan Gosling might actually be yours someday, whatever you say to him, do not call him a "dumb hipster."

When joking with Vulture, the "Only God Forgives" actor revealed which phrase in the English language he thinks is just the worst.

Apparently in Ryan's new film there isn't a whole lot of dialogue, but there's at least one scene that is quite memorable. Kristin Scott Thomas -- who plays Gosling's mother -- calls Ryan's love interest in the movie something quite vulgar (click here to see what it is).

Director Nicolas Winding Refn, who also collaborated with Gosling on "Drive," said Ryan crafted the particular insult.

"I would ask Ryan, 'So what’s the worst thing you can call a woman in America?'" Refn said. "He goes, 'We call her this ...'"

Well, Gosling tried to set the record straight and clear his name at a screening of the film Tuesday night in New York.

"You know, as shocked as you are by that [expression], I’m as shocked to be thrown under the bus for that," Gosling told Vulture. "They were trying to come up with terrible things to say, and what was the worst thing you could say, and there was a long list of options, which they came up with, too, which never hit the newsstands, thank God. But Kristen got it wrong: I said the worst thing you could call someone was a 'dumb hipster.' And she heard it in this other way, and I can’t take responsibility for how her brain twists things."

"So the worst thing you can call someone is 'dumb hipster'?" the reporter asked.

"Yes," Ryan said with a laugh.

We are promptly removing that phrase from our vocabulary.

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