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Lisa Ling: ‘I Was Not Someone Who Was Dying to Have a Kid’

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Lisa Ling and her husband, Paul Song. (Getty)

Lisa Ling is used to chasing down stories as a hard-hitting journalist on her show, "Our America," on the Oprah Winfrey Network, but it won't be long before she'll be chasing after her 4-month-old daughter, Jett Ling Song.

The 39-year-old star and husband Paul Song welcomed their first child on March 8, and Ling tells omg! that her new addition has already turned her life upside down … in the best possible way.

"To be honest with you, I was not someone who was dying to have a kid," she shares. "But now that she is in our lives, we just feel so much richer for it. Jett has completely changed our lives and widened our perspective and really the world just looks so different."

But like most working moms, the former "The View" co-host has struggled with finding a balance between her career and her kiddo.

"It’s hard and I haven’t slept for three months, but I find it very fulfilling." And lucky for Ling, she says her family helps take care of her daughter. "My mom is here all the time and Paul’s mom is here all the time. In that first month everybody was butting heads on how to do things properly," she laughs.

But she admits that having help has enabled her to keep her career on the fast track. "Someone asked me recently if women can have it all. My answer is no, but that’s OK. It’s important for women to feel like they can ask for help. They don’t need to be perfect."

In fact, she definitely didn't "have it all" when she headed back to work less than 14 weeks after Jett was born. "I have a job that has me traveling quite a bit … it was difficult for me, pumping on the road, FedEx'ing milk back, thinking about her every minute," she admits.

Ling says leaving her baby behind as she tracked down stories for her OWN series was more difficult than she had imagined, since she never thought she had a maternal instinct. "The biggest surprise was how much I liked [being a mom]. I just love it! I love being alone with her and just taking care of her and playing with her."

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IKEA Ambassador Lisa Ling with kids benefiting from the IKEA Life Improvement Project with Save the Children.  …

Now that she does have a child, Ling, who is an ambassador for IKEA's Life Improvement Project, has been quick to get involved with charity projects that benefit children less fortunate than her own. Through her IKEA ambassador role, she’s gotten involved with the retailer's partnership with Save the Children, which supports the developmental needs of young children, and prepares kids for success in their early education. On June 20, Ling and IKEA presented a $50,000 check to Save the Children’s Early Steps for School Success program.

"My mother-in-law helped start the Head Start Program in Newark, New Jersey, many years ago. Since the day we met, she has been drilling down on the importance of early education. What’s great about the Head Start Program is it looks to provide early education to kids in low-income communities where they really need it most. "

She may claim that she doesn't "have a maternal instinct" but her eagerness to raise awareness about children and education definitely has us thinking she's got "the instinct" in spades.

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