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LeAnn Rimes Photographed Crying Same Day She’s Bashed on ‘Real Housewives’

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Is Rimes crying? (KM Press)

Is it “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” or “The Rimes Haters of Beverly Hills”?

LeAnn Rimes’ name comes up so often on the Bravo reality series, she should probably start earning a paycheck from the network. Monday night’s episode was especially harsh for the country singer, who had an affair with Eddie Cibrian while he was still married to one of the show’s stars, Brandi Glanville.

During a dinner party in Las Vegas with cast members Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, and Camille Grammer – where they were celebrating Glanville’s new venture teaching a stripping class – Rimes was the hot topic. Glanville and her co-stars joked about how they feel that Rimes continuously copies her husband’s ex-wife’s style and even wore the same dress designer for their April 2011 wedding. “Put some frickin’ clothes on!” Richards cackled about Rimes after it was said she wears the same bikinis as Glanville.

Glanville, 40, even shared with everyone at the table (and those watching at home) that a friend of hers who worked at Us Weekly, which broke the Cibrian-Rimes affair in 2009, had been reporting back to her on the extra-marital relationship. The reporter revealed to her that Cibrian and the singer were spotted riding around Malibu on his motorcycle after Glanville kicked him out of their home.

Perhaps Rimes, 30, had a heads-up about all the smack talk that was going to go down on “Real Housewives” because she was spotted during the day on Monday sobbing and hugging a friend after having lunch at Hugo’s restaurant in West Hollywood. Although she was described as “inconsolable,” Rimes claims the camera was playing tricks on us.

On Tuesday morning after the story was reported, the star – who went into rehab last August to deal with anxiety issues pertaining to social media – took to her Twitter page to tell her side of the story. “Boys and girls, I was not crying yesterday at lunch w/ @darrellbrown @EddieCibrian my BFF liz and my little dog toto. :) we ate and hugged goodbye. I must have been so sad to see all of them go 3 blocks to the establishment where we were all ending up” – which begs the question as to why Rimes had to hug her friends goodbye if they were all headed back to the same place. She then followed up the tweet with a reminder to all of her detractors about how happy she is with Cibrian. “Best part of the day.... Taking coffee to my hubby in bed.....insert BAD jokes/thoughts here lol.”

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Glanville at her book reading on Monday. (Alexandra Wyman/Getty Images)

The war of words between Rimes and Glanville is surely not going away any time soon. On Monday night, Glanville had a reading in West Hollywood for her new book about recovering from divorce, Drinking and Tweeting. During a Q&A with fans, Glanville attacked poor Rimes once again when she said she “can go f--k herself … Well, she has to because who would want to?”

Later, while talking about her family, which includes sons Mason, 9, and Jake, 5, with Cibrian, Glanville took another swipe at her ex’s new wife. “I did everything I could do for him and the boys and to make him not want to stray. So, when it happened, especially with someone as attractive as her …”

With all the constant critiques Rimes gets from Glanville, we wouldn’t blame her if she actually was crying!

Rimes and Cibrian are set to appear this Friday at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre for the “it gets better” anti-bullying musical, presented by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles and co-presented by Rimes & The Ben Patrick Johnson Foundation.

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