Kylie and Kendall Jenner ‘Too Smart’ for Latest Drama

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner (Getty Images)

Teenage years can be tough, even if you're rich and famous, as Kylie and Kendall Jenner are finding out.

The youngest offspring of Bruce and Kris Jenner (err, is she still using that last name?) have gotten themselves into some sketchy situations as of late. Most recently, Kylie, 16, was the culprit.

Reports surfaced last Friday that Kylie rolled in to the Beverly Hills Hotel with her "friend" Jaden Smith and a group of other pals. Though she was in a "good mood" upon arrival, her spirits quickly took a turn for the worse when she requested (alcoholic) bottle service… and was denied. Naturally, Kylie did what any teen would. She reportedly threw a tantrum. Highlights from her alleged rant included declaring the establishment "f***ing lame" and the classic question, "Don't you know who I am?" When that strategy didn't work, she stormed out with her entourage.

Since the supposed incident, there has been no comment from Jaden's camp or from the hotel, but Kylie and Kendall sure had had plenty to say... on Twitter, of course.

"Club night" refers to the evening of October 19, which she spent at the Troubadour watching a performance by her half-brother Brandon and his wife Leah, with her dad by her side. In her defense, that does seem pretty tame. The only problem with that logic is that isn't the "club night" everyone else was referencing. ICYMI, the night that raised eyebrows happened four days earlier, when she and Kendall, who will be 18 on November 3, partied it up with notorious nightlife-lover Scott Disick and Khloe at Vignette Lounge, a 21-and-over sex-themed club. But the girls insist there's no cause for concern. In fact, they're pretty irritated with the accusations.

Unfortunately for these young ladies, Twitter rants don't appear to make the rumors go away.

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