Think Again! Kim and Kanye Won't Be Tying the Knot at Versailles

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Kim and Kanye in Paris. (Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West will not be taking Versailles.

The twice-wed bride-to-be and her rapper beau toured the French palace over the weekend, stirring up a whole new batch of rumors that it will be their wedding venue when they tie the knot next summer. However, as things stand right now, it won't be.

The Palace of Versailles has its own Twitter account, of course, and a spokesperson took to it to say that King Kanye and Queen Kim will not be holding their royal nuptials there:

And that was pretty much what a spokesperson told us earlier this month when we first reached out about Versailles as a possible venue. In fact, the rep noted a person can never rent out the entire château anyway.

"Unfortunately, it's not possible to rent the entire place of Versailles, nor for a wedding nor for anything else," the spokesperson said. "It's only possible to rent a few part[s] of the palace."

Of course, that must come as a huge disappointment to Kim, who, along with her fiancé, enjoyed a 90-minute private tour of the lavish venue. She even posted a photo of their look-see on Jan. 19. Of course, you can barely see anything in the flash-free Instagram snapshot ("Versailles after dark," it was captioned), but just imagine she's smiling with excitement:

Despite the palace spokesperson's own denial, E!, which airs "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," has a story all about Kim being "in love with the place" and said she was "asking a lot of questions about how to put on the perfect wedding party" there. "They were both in [over] the weekend chatting about the food on offer, what the weather might be like, and how many people they can fit in the palace," said an insider.

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A look inside Versailles. (Twitter)

Meanwhile, People magazine reports that the couple's stop at Versailles was just one on a long list of wedding venues they scoped out while in town for Paris Fashion Week. They apparently also visited "one of the city’s most exclusive hotels," an unnamed spot on Faubourg Saint-Honoré, as well as Trianon Palace Hotel.

Call us crazy, but a hotel wedding, even in beautiful France, doesn't seem up to snuff for the Kardashian-West wedding. In Breaking Down Kim and Kanye’s Wedding: 10 Expert Suggestions, we turned to some pros to help dream up a wedding elaborate enough for K&K. Suggestions for the couple included having them rent out an island in the Caribbean or Fiji — or, better yet, get hitched in the south of France and charter private yachts for every couple in attendance.

Um … can we be on the guest list? It's not Versailles, but it sounds even better.

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