Kat Von D’s Pretty Lipstick Has an Ugly Name

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Kat Von D (Getty Images)

Kat Von D probably wishes she could go back to something more carefree, like tattooing Miley Cyrus, right about now.

The 31-year-old reality star is at the center of a scandal that started with a particular shade of lipstick that's part of her Painted Love line. You see, the product has a really fabulous nude and pink hue that would look good on almost anyone, but unfortunately, it comes with a name that would offend just as many people. It's called Celebutard — a moniker that did not go over well with advocates for those with Down syndrome.

After Twitter users sounded off on the shade's name this week, both Sephora and Amazon have stopped selling it.

Sephora also issued an apology, but not Von D. People reported that she tweeted and then quickly deleted: "At the end of the day, it's just a f---ing lipstick."

Others saw things differently.

The entire incident makes you wonder: Why didn't anyone see this coming?

Much like when Julianne Hough stepped out in blackface as part of her Halloween costume, it's hard to believe no one expected a backlash from something people clearly find offensive.

Hough eventually apologized. Do you think Von D will do the same?

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