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Will Kanye West Show Up for Kim Kardashian’s Baby Shower?

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Kanye West and Kim Kardashian (Splash News)

There are just a few short weeks left before the birth of KimYe’s progeny, but even less before the world officially knows whether it will be a boy or girl.

Reality mavens Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian popped into Ryan Seacrest's radio show Friday to promote the season premiere of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" this Sunday. And among the things the mother-daughter duo teased, the biggest was probably that viewers will learn the sex of middle-sister Kim's soon-to-be-born baby with Kanye West.

Khloe and big sister Kourtney were with Kim when they finally found out the gender.

"It was the girls," she said. "We went a couple times — with Kanye, but the baby was always in a position that you couldn't tell the sex and this time — that you're going to see on the show — he was in London or Paris, he had a concert."

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West's absence while recording a new album over seas has been a point of contention throughout the pregnancy, with many wondering how strong his relationship with Kim truly is.

Kim's stepdad, Bruce Jenner, told "Extra" he's only met the rapper once. "He's not around, he was in Paris the whole time writing, and he just hasn't been around. Her stepbrother, Brody Jenner went on to reveal he hasn't met the father of Kim's baby ever!

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Can you keep up with the Kardashians? (E!)

But, just because West missed the big doctor's office reveal, don't expect Kim's baby daddy to be absent from the rest of her maternity activities. Khloe revealed that the father-in-waiting is expected to make an appearance at Kim's upcoming baby shower — rumored to be taking place this weekend.

"It's girls, but Kanye will come at the end," explained Khloe. "I said I want Rob [Kardashian] to be there the whole time because I feel bad he's like left out of all this stuff. … I don't know if he is. But, then I think Scott [Disick] and Lamar [Odom] might bring Kanye. I think the boys might come at the end. Kanye feels like it might be a little weird if he's the only guy, so I think if all the boys come at the end it's good."

The fete is sure to be an extravagant affair. Invites, delivered in vintage-looking ballerina music boxes (a gender hint perhaps?!), have already gone out requesting "garden chic" attire.

Kim is due in July, and her mom admitted she's worried about the upcoming birth.

"I'm really, truthfully, nervous about Kim giving birth and getting through this whole baby thing," Jenner told Seacrest. "I'm excited and anxious at the same time."

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One big happy family! (E!)

Her little sister agreed. "Kim's pregnancy … has been much more difficult than Kourtney's and so you get to see that. And I think that's really vulnerable of Kim to show that stuff cause it's not all pretty." Though Khloe also hinted at another source of potential drama during the season: Kris and Bruce's relationship. The couple announce that they need "space" from one another in the premiere.

"Basically, he just drives me crazy after 23 years, and I probably drive him crazy," Jenner defended. "You do need some space in a relationship, and that's the dynamic of us."

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Jaden (in disguise as Iron Man) and Kylie in NYC (Pacific Coast News)

While both Khloe and Kris kept up the family's trademark "everything-on-the-table" mantra during the radio interview, gamely answering Seacrest's questions, there was a topic they remained coy about: the youngest member of the clan Kylie Jenner's relationship with fellow celebuspawn Jaden Pinkett-Smith — whose "After Earth" premiere she attended May 29 in NYC.

"They're 15, they're just having fun," Khloe deflected when asked if the duo were dating. "They're a group of kids, a bunch of friends, but of course people just point out Jaden and Kylie."

Other upcoming highlights from the show's eighth season? "The Hills" alum Brody returns to reality, along with his older brother Brandon, who have reconciled with dad Bruce.

"They do have some really interesting, and heavy, talks about when the kids were little and why Bruce was not there all the time," notes Khloe.

Sounds like it's going to be a juicy season! Will you tune in?

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