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Justin Bieber Rides ATVs With Lil Twist After Rapper Damages His Ferrari

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Bieber and Twist. (Instagram)

Justin Bieber’s a good friend to Lil Twist.

On Wednesday, the “Beauty and a Beat” singer got down and dirty while ATVing in a bunch of mud with his close friend, which he documented on his Instagram page with a series of photos.

“Me and Twizzy gettin a little muddy,” Bieber wrote on the first pic, wearing a special racing suit, which was “liked” nearly a half a million times (yes, that number is real). “Fun day,” he captioned another photo, although neither he nor Lil Twist were actually smiling.

Let’s hope the two rented the ATVs or that they don’t actually belong to the singer, considering how his friend treats vehicles that he borrows. The same day they were out “riding dirty,” Bieber’s white Ferrari was sitting in a Los Angeles repair shop after Lil Twist did some major damage to the $200,000 car while peeling out of the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

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According to TMZ, the rapper-in-training was recently behind the wheel of Bieber’s car – the same one he was driving the day a paparazzo was struck and killed by another motorist while trying to snap a photo – when he bottomed out as he exited the hotel’s driveway… causing an astounding $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage!

But luckily for both Bieber, 18, and Lil Twist, 19, neither will be paying the hefty repair bill. Although a rep for The Four Seasons tells omg! she has no knowledge of it, TMZ reports the hotel will be picking up the tab in order to maintain their “lucrative relationship” with the multi-millionaire singer … and his hangers-on, it seems.

Although the hotel is clearly not at fault for Bieber’s friend’s poor driving skills, paying for these kinds of things is typically customary. "It is not unusual for a hotel to go above and beyond for any of their high profile guests," a VIP relations manager at one of Los Angeles' top hotels tells omg!. "Of course, you want them returning, so why wouldn't you make sure they have the best experience possible?"

Lil Twist is also the same person many in Bieber’s camp hold responsible for the singer’s pot scandal in early January when he was photographed holding what appeared to be a lit marijuana blunt, which was reportedly rolled by the rapper.

Sounds like Lil Twist spells out big trouble for Bieber. Do you think it’s time for him to find some new friends?

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