Inside Scott, Kendall, and Kylie’s Night Out in Hollywood

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Scott, Kylie, and Kendall at Day by Day fashion show (FameFlynet)

When you invite Scott Disick to an event, don't forget his alter ego Lord Disick is coming along, too.

Scott, Kendall, and Kylie Jenner attended the Day by Day fashion show in L.A. on Tuesday night, and the trio has been making quite a few headlines as a result. Was Scott "out of control" partying? Did Kendall and Kylie get wild and go underage clubbing in Hollywood?

Here's what we know:

Before the Day by Day show, a brand Kourtney Kardashian and her son, Mason, frequently rock, sources tell omg! that Scott had dinner with a big group of friends at Katsuya for dinner. After the meal, Scott, 30, then met up with Kendall, 17, and Kylie, 16, to head to the event. (Justin Bieber's pal Lil Twist also tagged along.)

Once the group arrived at L.A. Live, they hung in the VIP section for a bit before going backstage to say hello to designer Cedric Benaroch, who is good friends with Scott.

As the show was about to get started, the famous family made their way to the seats. Although guests were not allowed to have alcohol inside the venue, Lord Disick, of course, managed to get away with it and sat front row drinking champagne.

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Model Caroline D'Amore gives Scott Disick the finger (FameFlynet)

Onlookers say Scott was definitely rowdy — model Caroline D'Amore was photographed flipping him off from the catwalk — but sources at the event tell omg! it "was all in good fun."

D'Amore concurs. "In response to whether or not I flipped off the Jenner girls and Scott, absolutely not! I adore all the sisters and Lord Disick. L.A. fashion week is not so serious, so calm down. It's always fun and relaxed like the L.A. lifestyle. It was an amazing night. I've been working with designers Cedric and Yves from 'Day By Day' for years, love them to death, so when I was asked to walk in the show and DJ the after party, I said of course now that the tour I was on with Bonnie McKee and the Jonas Brothers had just been canceled."

Another insider adds, "There are no hard feelings there. And the reports that Cedric was mad about Scott trying to pull him off stage at the end are also false."

Proving this point was the fact that everyone headed off to the afterparty together at 21-and-over club Vignette for its weekly voyeuristic, hip-hop bash called Wax Rabbit … including underage Kendall and Kylie.

But sources at the shindig tell us the girls were hardly clubbing.

"It was just an afterparty for the clothing brand," a source close to the family explains to omg!.

In fact, one partygoer also tells us that the girls were "nice, quiet, and pretty reserved."

Scott didn't entirely slip into Lord Disick mode either.

Onlookers tell omg! that Scott was overheard asking someone if Kendall and Kylie were doing alright and that he'd check to make sure they were having a good time. The trio tried slipping out a side door unnoticed, but were unsuccessful.

Would you want Lord Disick chaperoning your teen daughters in Hollywood? Sounds like you could do worse!

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