Hollywood Stars Are Saying No to Sequels

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"Omg! Insider" Special Correspondent Mary Kitchen caught up with Keanu Reeves at the Toronto International Film Festival on Tuesday as he made his directorial debut for his flick, "Man of Tai Chi."

And since the actor's old pal and "Speed" co-star Sandra Bullock was also in town for the festival, Mary just had to ask if the star had bumped into her. "She left already," Keanu said. "I got here, she left." But would he ever work on another "Speed" movie with the brunette bombshell?

Keanu was replaced by Jason Patric for "Speed 2: Cruise Control," and as it turns out, his decision to pass on the sequel was wise, because the film earned only $48 million at the box office and was nominated for Worst Picture of the Year by the Razzies!

So when asked if he would consider doing a "Speed 3," Keanu responded, "Oh my gosh, no I think that bus has left."

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But he's not the only star shutting down on sequels. Back in June, Kristen Wiig opened up to Harper's Bazaar about why fans of "Bridesmaids" shouldn't hold their breath for a sequel. She told the mag, "It wasn't a hard decision. We knew during the first one, this was it. We would have made a lot of money if there was a second one, but that's not my goal in my creative life."

Check out the vid to see which other Tinseltown A-lister is saying no to the sequel, and tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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