Hollywood Rocks the Animal Onesie

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Celebrities are always ready to try the latest fashions, even when they look like pajamas or Halloween costumes.

From lions and tigers to bears (oh my!), a slew of stars have all been spotted in animal onesies lately.

Bar Rafaeli swapped her designer duds for a toy store find on Thursday, Instagramming a photo of herself looking just like Simba from "The Lion King." Miley Cyrus shared her love for the unicorn back in March, rocking a full body costume for a twerking video, and Lena Dunham once posted a pic wearing a kangaroo suit -- pouch and baby kanga included.

Rob Kardashian's ex Rita Ora also got in on the trend, showing off a blue owl outfit in a grassy field during her birthday back in November, but it was Rita's BFF (and possible Harry Styles GF) Cara Delevingne that has taken the look to a whole new level! The model has donned several animal-inspired looks, including a tiger, a panda, and even a dinosaur. Oh my, indeed.

Check out the video to see how these celebs and more are going animalistic, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for all the latest in entertainment news.

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