Fergie Steps Out Looking Smokin’ Hot for First Time Since Giving Birth

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Josh Duhamel and Fergie on September 25. (Splash News)

Hey, look — it's Axl Jack Duhamel's parents!

Fergie and Josh Duhamel had their first date night since their son was born, hitting up Hakkasan restaurant in Beverly Hills on Wednesday for some tasty eats and couple time.

So, how did the new mom look? Well, as Fergalicious as ever. Wearing black pants and a patterned shirt paired with a cream jacket, the Black Eyed Peas singer smiled as she held the arm of her actor hubby. Her blond locks were wavy and rested flawlessly on her shoulders. And she was wearing a fistful of diamond rings on her perfectly manicured right hand.

The 38-year-old new mom has previously said that her idea of a perfect date night with Duhamel, whom she married in 2009, is going out to dinner, especially to a new restaurant, so it sounds like their date was ideal.

This marks the first time Fergie has been seen publicly since she gave birth to Axl on August 29. Since then, she's been recovering from her C-section — and bonding with her new bundle of joy, sharing a few shots just last week on Instagram.

Although Duhamel, 40, has been out and about at a few events, his baby and wife have never been far from his mind.

"Omg! Insider" caught up with him Tuesday night in NYC, where he talked about his first few weeks of fatherhood.

"It's great. We're having the best time. We really are," he said. "It's something we've been looking forward to for a long time. He's healthy, he's a good baby, he's calm most of the time — we're just really grateful."

Asked if he feels bad going out while his wife is at home with Axl, he responded, "I do feel a little bit guilty. She's at home with him right now. So [looking at the camera], I'm sorry, babe."

He added that he's bonded closely with his son so far though, and it's made his relationship with Fergie even tighter.

"When you see the baby and your wife and they look similar, something happens, and you just feel even closer to them."

His favorite thing about Axl?

"I love that he's not screaming bloody murder all the time. He's really relaxed."

Who's on diaper duty more?

"Definitely me! I have two younger sisters, so I have a lot of experience changing diapers!"

What an amazing 21st-century dad! We have a feeling Fergie doesn't mind staying home when Josh has an event to attend.

But having a babysitter now and then can't hurt either.

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