Does Cameron Diaz Sound Too Much Like Rihanna?

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Cameron Diaz may have played a bad teacher, but now she's sporting a bad accent! According to The Hollywood Reporter, studio execs forced the 41-year-old actress to rerecord her lines for her recent flick "The Counselor" because she originally spoke with a "full-on Rihanna-style accent."


But Diaz isn't the only A-list star to be slammed for questionable accent attempts. Angelina Jolie had a hard time nailing down the right dialect when she played Olympias in the 2004 flick "Alexander." In fact, she sounded more like a harsh Russian than a graceful Greek queen.

In 1992 Tom Cruise delivered a sad attempt to sound Irish in "Far and Away," a film about Irish immigrants seeking fortune in 1890s America.

And John Travolta's Serbian accent in this summer’s "Killing Season" definitely fell flat!

Seriously, are there no dialect coaches in Hollywood? Check out the video to hear these celebs' failed attempts, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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