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Did Mariah Carey Just Throw Shade at Nicki Minaj – Again!?

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Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj are two superstars with huge personalities that clashed during season 12 of "American Idol." After multiple arguments on the show, neither one of them was asked to return to the judges panel, and let's just say the catfight still isn't over!

Not only did they both release singles and music videos on Wednesday, but Mariah also added more fuel to the fire that same day while promoting her latest single, "You're Mine." The songstress stopped by "Elvis Duran and the Morning Show" in New York and admitted she was misled when she agreed to be a judge on the singing competition show.

"I was led to believe that I was going to be in a three panel show, the traditional show and yet somehow I won't get into the legalities," she said. Mariah also thinks her role on the show should have been different. "I should have been a mentor on the show and that's it."

But the mother of two didn't stop there. She later packed a punch while chatting with Power 105.1's "The Breakfast Club." When asked about Nicki Minaj, she pretended  she didn't even know who she was, saying "Who? what?" and added, "I don't even remember what that was, that was a moment in my life that I'm going to press delete."

On Thursday, "The Insider" also chatted with Mariah Carey, who spoke candidly about her "Idol" experience. "That was so not a part of my life, it was a living hell. I'm only kidding," she laughed. "For me, the best part was being with the contestants."

Check out this video to see what else Mariah had to say about her "American Idol" experience, and for all the latest in entertainment news, be sure to catch "The Insider" on TV tonight!

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