Did Lindsay Lohan Drink at Her Halloween Party?

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Lindsay Lohan and (Instagram)

Lindsay Lohan hosted a big Halloween bash at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut on Thursday, causing many to speculate why the supposedly clean and sober former party girl would put herself in such a tempting environment.

We'll let her answer that question for you.

"It's in [Connecticut], my family is closer — it's a nice event," Lohan told "omg! Insider," adding that she was feeling "good."

Inside the soiree, sources tell omg! that the actress was on her best behavior. That isn't too surprising considering Oprah Winfrey had an eye on the troubled actress as OWN cameras were filming her for an upcoming documentary on the star.

"Lindsay looked and sounded good," says one eyewitness. "She looked like she was enjoying herself."

Lohan, who was dressed up as Carrie, spent the night hanging with her party co-host, champion boxer Floyd Mayweather, who disguised himself as Freddy Krueger. At one point, a source tells omg! that the 27-year-old was offered alcohol when chatting with Mayweather.

"Someone passed her champagne, but she didn't drink it," adds the insider.

Lohan was surrounded by a large group of people most of the time in a private VIP section, but got on the microphone in the middle of the shindig to pick a best costume winner. After making a remark about how one of the getups reminded her of the show "American Horror Story," which she likes, she selected three of her favorite looks.

While Lindsay's brother Michael was part of her entourage, so was Morgan O'Connor, an 18-year-old model she has been romantically linked to recently. If you look closely at an Instagram photo Lohan uploaded, you can see what looks to be his trademark hair in the corner of the pic. The actress was spotted partying with the Ralph Lauren model last week along with Miley Cyrus.

Lohan — who was 90 minutes late — stayed at the party for about an hour.

Tune into "omg! Insider" tonight to get more details on Lohan's Halloween festivities.

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