Which Celeb Joined Jaime King in the Delivery Room?

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Lana Del Rey, Kyle Newman, and Dr. Randy Harris (Instagram)

The birth of a baby is certainly an intimate event, usually reserved for family and the closest of friends.

For Jaime King, 34, that guest list seems to have included celebrity pal Lana Del Rey. The
"Hart of Dixie" star, who delivered son James Knight Newman on October 6, Instagrammed a photo of the bluesy singer, along with filmmaker husband, Kyle Newman, and her doctor in the delivery room.

"My team of angels at the birth," wrote King next to a photo of her husband Kyle (center), Lana, and "best doc ever" Dr. Randy Harris, in the blue-filtered shot.

No doubt the besties, who appeared together as ill-fated lovers in Del Rey's "Summer Sadness" music video (directed by Newman), are closer than close. They were even photographed holding hands during a coffee run in Los Angeles last month.

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Lana and Jaime (

So how did their friendship come to be?

King told Bullett magazine earlier this year that she met Lana two years ago. "I had been listening to her music, because my husband saw her video on YouTube, and I was like, 'Oh s--t. My husband's in love with this girl.' And then, I listened to the music and I was like, 'Oh s--t. I'm in love with this girl!'"

She continued, "Her little sister Chuck is best friends with one of my other best friends and he said, 'Listen, Lana's a huge fan of yours and you guys should hook up.' And that was that. We just have a very blessed relationship because there's nothing that I need from her, and there's nothing that she needs from me, and I think in Hollywood and often in the music industry, it's really nice to know that you can have a friend that you can depend on where there's no rivalry. So it's really just about loving and supporting each other."

And it certainly doesn't get any more supportive than being present in the delivery room for the birth of your best friend's first child.

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