So Long, Blue Ivy and North? Traditional Family Names Hollywood’s Latest Trend

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Ivanka Trump with Joseph on October 18 (

Ivanka Trump welcomed son Joseph Frederick earlier this week, detailing in a blog post how the baby was named after two of his great-grandfathers, men with an important "sense of family" and whose "values we hope to hand down."

We've seen a flurry of this over the last few months: celebrities — including Vince Vaughn, Mario Lopez, Lady Antebellum's Hillary Scott, Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, sports star Eli Manning, and even Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge — giving their offspring at least one and sometimes two family names. It made us wonder: Are we seeing the last of Blue, Apple, Bear, North, Banjo, Rainbow, and the rest of those made-up, nonname baby names that have grown so popular in recent years?

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Let's not get ahead of ourselves, baby name expert Laura Wattenberg tells omg!.

While we've had more instances of this since late June, "Honestly, I don't see a major trend toward family namesakes — in or out of Hollywood," says the Baby Name Wizard author, who writes about name trends on her website.

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Simpson's son, Ace Knute, was named after his paternal great-granddad Knute Johnson. (Twitter)

"First off, I don't count middle names" when examining trends, she notes, which eliminates Berry (Maceo-Robert), Simpson (Ace Knute), and Manning (Lucy Thomas), who used a family name only for their child's second name. "If anything, a fashion-conscious first name and family middle name, like Ace Knute, is a sign of how we're putting our sense of style first. Parents use the middle-name slot to honor people they love without compromising on taste."

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What about Prince William and Kate Middleton's son, who will be christened Prince George Alexander Louis on October 23 and who has the same first name as the queen's father? He should also be cut from the list because a family name was expected. No one ever thought he'd be named Prince Pilot Inspektor or Prince Audio Science (which, minus the titles, are both names of celeb kids).

"Prince George, too, is in a totally different category than other kinds of celebrities," says Wattenberg. "Tradition is the very essence of the royal family."

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There was no doubt that William and Kate would give their baby a family name.(Getty Images)

So the others? What gives? "Here's my guess: Some celebrity parents — like some parents in all walks of life — have always chosen names to honor family members," Wattenberg says. "What's changed is that they're telling us about it."

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Scott's daughter, Eisele Kaye, is named after her grandmothers. (Twitter)

"Interest in celebrity baby names runs so high today, plus social media makes it easier for famous parents to put out a personal message," she continues. "So in the past, it took an eye-popping Hollywood name to get people asking, 'Why?' Today we hear the stories behind all kinds of names, even simple classics like Joseph."

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And those stories include how Vaughn's son, Vernon, was named after the actor's dad; Mario Lopez's new addition, Dominic, shares his name with his maternal grandfather; and Scott's daughter, Eisele Kaye, was given a name honoring her grandmothers.

So, love 'em or hate 'em, it looks as though those wacky baby names aren't going anywhere soon. But we can rest a little easier knowing that Jermajesty, Rekker, Apple, and Rainbow are counterbalanced with Josephs, Roberts, Avas, and Rileys.

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