Benedict Cumberbatch Helps Marriage to Live Long and Prosper

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Benedict Cumberbatch officiates a wedding (Facebook)

Benedict Cumberbatch has tied the knot ... for two of his friends, that is.

Over the weekend, the "Star Trek Into Darkness" actor served as the officiant for two of his nearest and dearest in an outdoor civil ceremony in Ibiza.

On Friday afternoon, only hours after learning he'd received an Emmy nod for his role in the BBC drama "Parade's End," the 37-year-old thesp jetted to the Spanish island to help get the festivities underway. Oh, it also happened to be his birthday, which means he had a lot to celebrate!

Clad in a black suit with a white shirt, the newly-ordained Cumberbatch read from his notes during the ceremony at the Hacienda Hotel to unite Seth Cummings and Rob Ridner. In a scene that could have been plucked from one of the actor's films, the couple exchanged their vows on a verdant cliff-like setting drenched in summer sun, as evidenced by photos posted on Facebook.

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With all that travel, the star admitted to Vulture that he hadn't even shared the good news of his Emmy nomination with the grooms. "My friend doesn't even know this. I've been so busy trying to get luggage from one airport to another, I haven't even gotten around to telling him." But not to worry — he did give his parents the heads up.

"I managed to tell my mum and dad," he mused, adding that they are "over the moon."

And Cumberbatch didn't celebrate alone. Reports surfaced that he spent time canoodling with Russian model Katia Elizarova after the nuptials. The couple was first spotted together last year, though the actor claimed they were "just old friends." (We've heard that one before. Just sayin'.)

In any case, he can't deny that he was cozying up to the gorgeous blond this time, as the pair was spotted side by side at an outdoor restaurant later that weekend. True, they were accompanied by entrepreneur Ivan Massow, fashion designer Ben de Lisi, Rob Ridner (one of the grooms), but still. Cumberbatch is shirtless and Katia is in a tiny white bikini ... with her hand on his thigh.

In other words, when your birthday, Emmy nomination, and friends' wedding all happen at once... it's party time.

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Ivan Massow, Katia Elizarova, Benedict Cumberbatch, Ben de Lisi, and Rob Ridner (Facebook)

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