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Barbara Walters’s Daughter Arrested for DUI

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Jacqueline Danforth

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Barbara Walters (Getty Images)

Barbara Walters’s daughter, Jacqueline Walters Danforth, was arrested for suspicion of a DUI in Naples, Florida on Sunday.

According to the police report obtained by omg!, Danforth, 44, was released on bail after being issued a citation for DUI and posting a $1,000 bond shortly after her arrest … which didn’t go smoothly.

Danforth allegedly grabbed one of the arresting officers, shouting at him when he handcuffed her boyfriend, which lead to her having to be taken to the ground due to her “unpredictable behavior.”

When Danforth eventually consented to a Breathalyzer after arriving at jail, she ended up blowing a .218.

So far, Walters has stayed mum on her daughter’s arrest, but alluded to trouble during “The View” on Tuesday.

During a segment Tuesday discussing parents volunteering at private schools, Walters, 83, said that the biggest reality check for a parent is when their child runs to the nanny instead of mom when mom comes home from work or lunch. Joy Behar then asked if that ever happened to her and she replied, “We had other problems – but not that.”

Danforth has been very candid in speaking about her troubled past with substance abuse, sitting down for various interviews with her mother. Danforth was adopted by Walters in 1968, and has credited her adoption as a possible origin for her substance abuse problems.

In 2003, Danforth reflected on her early abandonment when talking with NBC News: ‘I think that somewhere inside you think, ‘Why did people give me up?’” adding that “played a big, big, part” in her drug abuse.

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