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Giuliana and Bill Rancic (Getty Images)

The combined forces of nature that are Giuliana and Bill Rancic can be a bit overwhelming. Together, they're entrepreneurs, restaurateurs, reporters, TV stars, fashionistas, survivors, and – oh yeah! – parents.

So how do they pack it all in?

We're still not quite sure, but thankfully, when we caught up with them, they provided us with a little bit of insight. And a lot of fun stories about their adorable nine-month-old baby, Duke.

1. Hooray! Duke sleeps all night.
"We're happy to report that he's just started sleeping through the night, so that was good news," Bill shared. "It's changing everything, now that he's sleeping 11-12 hours at a clip."

"We're definitely getting more sleep now that he's sleeping," Giuliana added.

2. The tot doesn't always need mom and dad to entertain him.
"He's kinda independent," the E! host said. "He likes being in his crib and playing by himself. He entertains himself. We watch the monitor and we want to go in there, but he seems to be having fun so we don't want to interrupt him."

His toys of choice? Stuffed animals and a giraffe "that he likes to bang around and make squeak."

3. But he won't be alone much longer!
"It's a goal of ours, a desire of ours, to have more kids," Giuliana spilled. "Duke has been incredible and he's just the best and we'd love for him to have a brother or sister … Right now, he's young … and we're travelling around. But it's something we'd love to do.

"There were reports and such that we were already doing it but we're not. We haven't done anything yet, but it's definitely a plan for the future."

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The Rancics on vacation (Splash News)

4. Just how many brothers and sisters is still up for discussion.
"I used to say I wanted a really big family – like four kids – and, at this point, really whatever we can get," Giuliana shared.

"If you had asked me at 3 a.m. the other day when I was up with the little guy, I was convinced he was going to be an only child," Bill interjected.

"It's true," Mrs. Rancic agreed. "Some days we want one, some days we want four."

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5. In the meantime, Duke really wants to talk.
"Oh, this little guy wants to talk so bad," Bill shared. "He's dying to talk. He's really formulating a lot of different sounds now. It's funny to watch it evolve and to see how he's probably going to wind up talking before we know it, just like the flip of a switch, I'm sure."

6. The trio still lives in two cities … but not for long.
"Our long-term plan is to raise [Duke] in Chicago and he'll go to school in Chicago," Bill admitted. "That was something we talked about before we got married … At some point, you have to figure out where your home base is going to be. The values of the Midwest are strong, the schools are good there, we have incredible family and friends there who help us. For us, it's more home than California."

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Giuliana and Duke (Startraks)

7. Yes, even Giuliana will call Chicago home.
"I really hope to be settled there in the future," she said. "I'd love it. I have so many friends there now – I have more friends there than I do in L.A. Also, I'm from the East Coast – I'm from Maryland – and it's a lot closer for my family.

"And we have a restaurant there now that I love being involved with. We opened RPM Italian and it's doing well, really busy, and now we're opening up RPM Steak in Chicago as well … I just feel like I have a lot going on in Chicago, even though I'm so busy in L.A. I love Chicago – it has a great energy, the nicest people in the world. I look forward to being able to spend a lot more time there and our kids going to school there and having that be our home base one day.

"Not any time soon, sadly, but one day in the future."

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Giuliana Rancic demonstrates 'healthing' (Courtesy of Lysol)

8. Giuliana keeps a super-healthy house.
"Bill does the cooking and I do the cleaning," she explained. "What I didn't realize before I had Duke was that it's not just about cleaning, it's about disinfecting and making sure you're killing the germs and using products that kill germs and don't just give you a sparkling countertop. We're happy to report that as long as Duke has been on this planet, he's never had a runny nose or a cold and we attribute that to the fact that we're healthing."

"We're not cleaning, we're healthing," Bill interjected. "It's a term we're revolutionizing."

"It's little things," Giuliana expanded. "It's not just cleaning out your closet, but also checking the car seat – making sure the car seats are well installed."

9. You'd be lucky to sit next to the Rancics on a plane.
"I get on an airplane and Bill will hold the baby while I spray Lysol on the tray, the seat, and all around, because for four or five hours, he's going to be touching everything," Giuliana laughed. "Duke has traveled quite a bit with us and he's never gotten sick."

"When we're on that plane, you'd think Giuliana was going to be performing open heart surgery," Bill added. "It's like an operating room."

10. Giuliana meant every word of that controversial "marriage first" comment.
"It was exactly what I said – I said we make our marriage our priority because that's how we were raised," she declared. "Our parents laughed together, played together, danced together, loved each other, hugged, kissed, all the time in front of us. So I was raised in a household with parents who were the first example I had of what a relationship looked like and they had a very loving one. Cut to 30-something years later, and I'm in one of those relationships.

"I think it's so incredibly important to show your child from the very beginning that you love each other and adore each other as a couple and as parents, and that allows them to feel safe. For a child, a household where they feel safe and comfortable, then the sky's the limit for them. They can achieve great things without having to worry about what's going on with their parents and the anxiety that comes with that.

"So often your child goes to school, 18 years later, goes off to college and then calls you when it's convenient for them, yet you and your husband are still seeing each other every day and hopefully, you still know each other 18 years later. For Bill and I, that's just what we feel – that it's so incredibly important to make your marriage a priority, to ensure that you have a family and a healthy child."

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