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  • Suki Waterhouse Hangs With James Marsden, While Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk Fuel Romance Rumors

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 32 mins ago

    Suki Waterhouse is hardly sitting at home while Bradley Cooper gallivants around with Irina Shayk. The 23-year-old British model was spotted grabbing dinner with James Marsden over the weekend.

    Waterhouse and the X-Men: Days of Future Past actor, 41, had a three-plus hour meal with some pals at Little Door, which is quite the romantic restaurant in L.A. No word yet on the nature of the outing, but they hopped in the same car after leaving the restaurant.

    Meanwhile, Bradley Cooper was across the country at the White House Correspondents' Dinner where he was once again spotted with Shayk, 29. The American Sniper star and Russian model were at the Vanity Fair-Bloomberg party not not avoiding each other. According to Page Six, they "stayed close all night" on a patio at the French ambassador’s grand residence, standing in a small circle of friends while keeping "obvious flirting to a minimum."

    Not a bad way to rebound.

  • Jeremy Jackson of 'Baywatch' Fame Arrested in Suspected Stabbing

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 1 hr ago

    Someone call The Hoff! Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson was taken into custody by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department on Saturday after he allegedly stabbed a man in L.A.'s Westlake neighborhood, then fled the scene, The Insider With Yahoo confirmed.

    According to the Los Angeles Times, someone made a 911 call Friday to say there had been a stabbing. By the time officers arrived, the assailant had fled the scene. The victim — who has not been identified except that he is a man — was taken to the hospital with a stab wound to the "upper left torso" and identified his attacker as "Hobie," the name of Jackson's Baywatch character.

    Then, on Saturday, police received another 911 call, this time saying there was a prowler just around the corner from where the stabbing had taken place the previous day. The police found Jackson when they responded and arrested him immediately.

    According to police records, the 34-year-old was released on $30,000 bail the same day. He is accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

  • Kate Hudson Was a 'Hot Mess' at Star-Studded Birthday Bash

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 2 hrs ago

    Kate Hudson, fashion writer Derek Blasberg, and Jennifer Meyer threw a joint "hot mess" themed birthday bash over the weekend at a private residence in L.A.

    Hudson, who turned 36 this month, wore a trucker hat, biker boots, a fur coat, fishnet tights, bikini top, and a skimpy dress with a flannel shirt tied around her waist for the shindig.

    "No better way to celebrate a Bday then having a joint 'Hot Mess' themed party with @derekblasberg and @jenmeyerjewelry And let me tell ya, there were some very committed hot messes last night ;) Such fun! Love you guys," she wrote alongside the above picture on Instagram.

    Blasberg posted a shot of his fellow birthday pals and wrote, "Last night me and these lovely ladies had a threesome birthday party and the theme was 'Hot Mess' and none of us needed to go shopping for costumes."

    Meyer wore clashing leopard prints for the party, and like any good celeb soiree there was a cake with their faces on it.

    Jessica Alba was also one of the famous guests in attendance ("@jessicaalba was hot. I was a mess," Derek captioned a pic). Barely Famous star Sara Foster was also in attendance.

  • See the Softer Side of Simon Cowell With This Adorable Pic of Baby Eric

    Mallory Schlossberg at Yahoo Celebrity 4 hrs ago

    If you still remember Simon Cowell as scowling and rewriting the dictionary of insults on American Idol circa 2003, then it's time for you to get acquainted with Simon Cowell 2.0: Version Dad. The mega-producer and mastermind behind preteen girl tearduct-activater One Direction shared an adorable photo of himself with his son Eric on Twitter — watching Disney movies together, of all things.

    After watching the Jungle Book1000 times we have moved on to the Lion King

    I never knew how much love and pride I would feel.

    Who knew Cowell would turn out to be such a family man? Judging by his way with Silveman and little Eric, he may have had it in him all along.


  • The Whole Beckham Clan Comes Out to Support Romeo's Mini Marathon

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 4 hrs ago

    In the Beckham family, they start 'em young.

    At just 12, Romeo Beckham participated in the London mini marathon over the weekend, with the rest of the Beckham clan — sans Harper — cheering him with shouts and handmade signs on from the finish line.

    The mini marathon is three miles long and competitors raise money for charity. In Romeo's case, the charity in question was the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS and UNICEF's 7 Fund, named for David's jersey number. Beckham played proud father on Facebook, posting a photo of Romeo with his medal, boasting that Romeo had raised £6,000 ($9,103.35) for charity.

    A member of the second most famous British family — Prince Harry — was also at the mini marathon, congratulating runners at the finish line.

    Big bro Brooklyn also cheered on Romeo, posting a photo of the two: Romeo sporting a finisher's medal and Brooklyn showing off his "Team Romeo" shirt.

  • So, Why Exactly Did Brad Pitt Have That Bruise on His Face?

    Mallory Schlossberg at Yahoo Celebrity 6 hrs ago

    Stars are just like us — they face plant. And Brad Pitt did exactly that.

    In fact, that's why the actor had a big bruise on his face on Saturday at Autism Speaks's Light Up the Blues Concert. He confirmed in a statement to The Insider with Yahoo his bruise was just the result of a big, old fashioned blooper.

    "This is what happens when you try to run up steps in the dark, with your arms full, wearing flip flops," he said. "Turns out, if you then try to stop forward momentum with your face, the result is road rash." (Then again, as some sartorially-minded folks might suggest, a dude wearing flip flops when he's not on the beach is punishable by the fashion gods, so he had this coming.)

    Not only did he show up to support the event, but he threw down $23,000 for the cause. Pitt participated in an auction and picked up a Fender guitar, with all of the proceeds going towards Autism Speaks.

    A Fender guitar and a bruise? How badass. So badass, in fact, that we won't judge you about the face plant, Brad. Besides, we've all done it, too.

  • Kim Kardashian: Rob Is 'Not Comfortable in His Own Skin'

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 7 hrs ago

    It wouldn't be a day that ends in -y if there weren't some excess of Kardashian-related news. And this particular Monday is no different. Kim Kardashian's Today show interview with Matt Lauer aired Monday morning and, in addition to talking about her book Selfish and voicing her support for ex-stepfather Bruce Jenner, who just came out as transgender, she also talked about Rob Kardashian, the often absent youngest Kardashian.

    "I think he's just going through a phase where he's not comfortable in his own skin," Kim told Lauer during the interview. "And he is working really hard to get back to where he wants to be."

    On an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (on which Rob no longer appears) earlier this month, Kris, Kourtney, and Kim spoke about their concerns for Rob's well being.

    "He obviously has some kind of depression," Kim added.

  • Kim Kardashian: As Long as Bruce Jenner Is Happy, I'm Happy

    Elizabeth Durand Streisand at Yahoo Celebrity 7 hrs ago

    During his interview with Diane Sawyer on Friday, Bruce Jenner said that — thanks to some wise words from Kanye West — Kim Kardashian has been the "most accepting" member of his family. On Monday, the 34-year-old sat down with Matt Lauer on the Today show to share her thoughts and lend some concrete support to the man she calls Dad.

    "I'm really happy for him that he is living his life the way he wants to live it," she began. "And that he has found inner peace and just pure happiness. That's what life is about."

    See Bruce talk about telling his family:


    She is not the only one who has the former Olympian's back. On Monday, Bruce's four oldest children appeared on Good Morning America to speak out on their father's behalf, and their support came with some acknowledgment that their father had, in the past, let them down.

  • Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Are Married!

    Breanne L. Heldman at Yahoo Celebrity 9 hrs ago

    Call it a union made in vampire heaven, if such a thing could possibly exist. Twilight alum Nikki Reed and The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder are married.

    Paparazzi photos of the Sunday wedding surfaced on Twitter early Monday morning, and showed the bride, 26, and groom, 36, in matching white attire. Nikki's fishtailed dress had long sleeves covered in lace. The ceremony took place in Topanga Canyon in Malibu, California, People confirmed.

    "Nikki couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be marrying Ian," an insider told Us Weekly . "They're both so in love and so happy."

    Ian kicked off their special day with a teasing tweet:

    most beautiful morning ever...

  • 13 Things We Learned From Bruce Jenner's Diane Sawyer Interview, Plus One Thing We Already Kinda Knew

    Elizabeth Durand Streisand at Yahoo Celebrity 2 days ago

    Sawyer met with Jenner at his California home. The former Olympian was nervous and emotional at first, stopping for tissues just a few minutes into their chat. But as soon as he began to really open up, the nerves melted away and Jenner hit his stride. The result was a special that showed the audience that just because a man has been on a hit reality TV show for eight years doesn't mean we know much about him at all. So, what did this two hours of television teach us that 500-plus episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians didn't?

    1. He considers himself a woman.

    Asked if he considered himself a woman, Jenner didn't miss a beat. "Yes, for all intents and purposes, I am a woman," he began. "People look at me differently. They see me as a macho male, but my heart and my soul and everything that I do in life — it is part of me, that female side is part of me, that's who I am. I was genetically born that way."

    2. He isn't gay (as far as he knows).

    3. He considered suicide.

    4. He started taking hormones in the 1980s, but stopped after meeting Kris Jenner.

    6. Kim, Kylie, and Kendall all caught him dressed as a woman at one point.