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  • How Caitlyn Jenner Picked Her Name

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 6 hrs ago

    Caitlyn, who introduced herself to the world on Monday, opened up to about how she chose her new moniker and revealed it was not an easy decision. The former Olympian, 65, began her search over two years ago.

    "It's one of the hardest things in life — choosing your own name," she explained. One of her main sources of inspiration was watching the Miss America pageant. Eventually, she narrowed her list down to three favorites: Heather, Cathy, and Caitlyn.

    But when her assistant Rhonda suggested the name Caitlyn out of the blue one day, it stuck. "I love that name, too!" Jenner exclaimed, taking the coincidence as some kind of sign.

    Up next was deciding how to spell it… should she go with a "c" or "k"? As you probably know, all of the female Kardashian family members have names that start with a "k," so Jenner thought it was best to break tradition and the media associations that went with it.

  • Amber Rose Says She Was Roofied the Night She Dissed Kanye West

    Raechal Leone Shewfelt at Yahoo Celebrity 7 hrs ago

    Amber Rose can handle her liquor, got that?

    The 31-year-old model revealed in an interview Tuesday that she believes she was roofied last month before she called out her ex Kanye West. On the microphone. In the middle of an L.A. club. At the time, Rose ordered the DJ to "stop playing guys I used to f---" and instead play the ones who write songs for them. You know Kanye did not like that one! Rose knew it, too, because the next morning, she posted a pic of Steve Carell's Michael Scott character from The Office after he'd obviously done something embarrassing, along with the message, "my face when someone tells me what I did while I was drunk." She added, "Lol Note to self Amber- when ur sh-t faced off the Crown and coke stfu it's not cute." 

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    In the same interview, she was candid about the source of trouble in her relationship with Khalifa.

    Watch the full interview below.

  • Modelizer Leonardo DiCaprio Strikes Again

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 8 hrs ago

    The 40-year-old actor apparently has another lady in his life and she is — what else? — a model. The Wolf of Wall Street star has been hooking up with blond bombshell Kelly Rohrbach, according to reports.

    Rohrbach, who was dubbed Sports Illustrated 's "Rookie of the Year," and Leo were spotted "getting cozy" at a CFDA afterparty co-hosted by Refinery29 on Monday night. Sources tell Yahoo that the pair made a low-key appearance and hung out together with a group of pals at a private table.

    "There wasn't too much PDA, but it was clear they were together," says one guest.

    DiCaprio and the 25-year-old model were first spotted at 1OAK in April. According to Page Six, the pair spent the weekend together in a $5,000 a night estate in the Hamptons.

    If Kelly makes it past the casual dating stage, this would be the first relationship for Leo since he and model Toni Garrn, 22, split late last year. He was rumored to be hooking up with Rihanna a few months ago, but that was never confirmed.

  • FKA twigs Isn't Mad at T-Pain for Spilling Robert Pattinson Engagement News

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 9 hrs ago

    Remember when T-Pain revealed that "ol' Patty" and FKA twigs were engaged… then unsuccessfully tried to play it off like an April Fools' Day joke? So does the British singer.

    In an interview with Complex, twigs, 27, says she doesn't hold a grudge against the autotune-lovin' rapper. "It's fine, I'm a pretty chill person, do you know what I mean?" she explained. However, the interviewer noted she seemed "genuinely sad" about how the news went public before they were ready.

    To be quite honest, FKA twigs can do without the whole fame thing altogether. "If this is what being an artist is, I'm not really sure this is for me… This [the press cycle] is horrific. I could be doing dance class right now."

  • Goldie Hawn Explains Why She Never Married Kurt Russell

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 10 hrs ago

    Goldie Hawn did a shoot for Portermagazine and she brought along her two insanely adorable grandsons, Wilder , 7, and Bodhi, 5. These are her grandchildren from son Oliver Hudson. She has a total of five grandkids, including daughter Kate Hudson's two boys.

    Hawn, who founded the program MindUP, also talked about what her reaction was when her two kids, Oliver and Kate, expressed interest in going into acting.

    " What you prepare your children for is to be able to deal with differences, obstacles, ways of handling uncertainty. The truth is, it doesn't matter what they would have chosen to do," she explains. "Every business changes."

    Hawn then moved on to the topic of aging, adding, "Getting older is a fact of life. By living mindfully you understand that there are many transitions in life. You just go through them. But it's wonderful to know you're aging, because that means you're still on the planet, right? It's all about how you make it. It's all in your mind."

  • Tracy Morgan Talks Current Health Status: 'I Have Good Days and Bad Days'

    Suzy Byrne at Yahoo Celebrity 11 hrs ago

    Tracy Morgan revealed that he still isn't 100 percent one year after a car accident left him in critical condition. So what obstacles is he still overcoming?

    Morgan told Lauer he also suffers from depression related to the incident, especially because his friend and mentor, James "Jimmy Mack" McNair, perished in the crash.

    The 30 Rock alum, who remembers nothing from the night of the accident, elaborated more about his health to People magazine, describing himself at "75 percent" after relearning how to sit, walk, and stand. He's still recovering from the brain trauma, he said.

    Morgan's fans have kept him going as well. His interview with Lauer took place on the Saturday Night Live set , where he shared that the words of encouragement from his longtime supporters have made all the difference.

  • Wheaties Had a Strange Response to Caitlyn Jenner's Vanity Fair Cover

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 15 hrs ago

    Thanks to their iconic 1977 Wheaties box, General Mills and the Bruce Jenner persona are inexorably linked. But the company had a strange reaction when called for comment on Jenner's transformation into Caitlyn.

    "Bruce Jenner continues to be a respected member of Team Wheaties," a GM spokesperson told TMZ.

    Then, when the TMZ reporter pointed out that Caitlyn is using her female name now and offered the spokesperson an easy out for the first statement, the company doubled down on its misgendering: "We stand by our statement."

    When asked for clarification by The Insider With Yahoo , General Mills's brand media relations manager Mike Siemienas attempted to walk back the previous statements a bit: "Bruce Jenner has been a respected member of Team Wheaties, and Caitlyn Jenner will continue to be. We always appreciate hearing from our consumers, but of course we do not discuss our future marketing plans."

    Caitlyn admitted during her Vanity Fair interview that even she struggles with the change.

  • Chrissy Teigen Suffers 'Wardrobe Malfunction of the Highest Caliber'

    Suzy Byrne at Yahoo Celebrity 17 hrs ago

    Most people wouldn't want to draw attention to the fact that they suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Chrissy Teigen isn't most people.

    The supermodel and social media queen looked as glam as ever on the red carpet at Monday's 2015 CFDA Awards. John Legend's wife happily showed some leg in a snowy white, shoulder baring Solace London gown — business as usual for someone in her profession — but the slit apparently had a mind of its own. It kept going and going, a fact that the unflappable Teigen wasn't afraid to share with her 2.3 million Instagram followers.

    "Wardrobe malfunction of the highest caliber," she wrote along with a photo of her covering her lap with her hand and Swarovski clutch. "Let's just say the slit took it upon itself to rip 5 inches higher."

    She didn't let the extra breeze ruin her time though. Teigen went on to thank show designer Stuart Weitzman for "letting me be your date and for always making my feet happy and legs sexy!!!"

    If only he could also miraculously prevent wardrobe malfunctions.

  • Laverne Cox Praises the Outpouring of Support for Caitlyn Jenner But Reminds Us There's Work to Be Done

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 17 hrs ago

    On her Tumblr Tuesday morning, Orange Is the New Black star Laverne Cox applauded the widespread of support for Caitlyn Jenner, but also urged us to remember that there is plenty of work yet to be done when it comes to trans issues.

    "Many have commented on how gorgeous Caitlyn looks in her photos, how she is 'slaying for the Gods.' I must echo these comments in the vernacular, 'Yasss Gawd! Werk Caitlyn! Get it!'" she writes.

    It was just about a year ago that Cox was featured on the cover of Time magazine trumpeting "The Transgender Tipping Point." Cox's cover was met with a similar rapturous applause and Cox says while she appreciates the support, the trans experience is much more than a dramatic physical transformation.

    Cox also recognizes Caitlyn and her own privilege, one that is not afforded to many members of the trans community.

    Cox closes with the hopes that her and Jenner's stories will make things easier in some way for all trans people.

  • Exclusive First Look: Channing Tatum as You've Never Seen Him (Really!)

    Suzy Byrne at Yahoo Celebrity 19 hrs ago

    Channing Tatum is shedding that Sexiest Man Alive image for a good cause.

    To kick off the Magic Mike XXL charity campaign he's spearheading with Omaze, which allows one fan the opportunity to be part of his entourage at the movie's hip shaking L.A. premiere and afterparty, he underwent a major makeunder. The 35-year-old actor went undercover — as "the most terrifying marketing exec ever" — at a test screening of the movie and gave Yahoo the scoop on his big-hearted prank.

    So what was it like for Tatum to be unsexy for a day? "I thought he was very sexy personally," he laughs while talking about his follically-challenged counterpart, Scott. "Why wouldn't you want to just change it up every once in a while and get a different flavor?" He continues, "I really enjoy that stuff. I'd go around in a costume every day if I could for no other reason other than all bets are off. You don't have to be responsible and you can do whatever you like, especially as an older person. No one ever says anything if you're slightly older and saying weird stuff to people."