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How Aprons Help Whitney Port Honor Her Late Father

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Whitney Port remains a major force in fashion design. (Whitney Port)

It's been a tough couple of months for former reality star, Whitney Port.

In March, her father and business partner, Jeffrey Port, passed away following a battle with kidney cancer. Instead of celebrating Father's Day this year, the 28-year-old entrepreneur hosted the Whitney Port Charity Ride, a spin class in Los Angeles to raise money for cancer research.

While 2013 has likely been an unimaginably difficult year for the Whitney Eve fashion designer, she's not slowing down. In fact, she's already busy whipping up a new project … an apron for the 2013 Pillsbury Bake-Off. The famous baking competition, which takes place in Las Vegas, pits 100 of the best amateur bakers against each other in a series of competitions, and they'll all be wearing "The City" star's creation.

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Whitney shows off her apron for the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off. (Pillsbury)

"I collaborated with Pillsbury on the official apron of the 46th Pillsbury Bake-Off Contest. I wanted to obviously mix my fashion background with something that says I am passionate about baking," she shared with omg!. The project, which Port called "challenging," definitely hit close to home, as it brought up memories of her Dad, who was a big fixture in her family's kitchen.

"My Dad used to always wear aprons. It’s funny, we have so many pictures of him washing the dishes with an apron on because things got messy. I grew up in a house with five kids, so we have all types of dishes," she recalled.

These days, her boyfriend of more than a year, Tim Rosenman, has taken over kitchen duties.

"When I first met my boyfriend, I told him that I was probably never going to be the type of girl who was going to be cooking him dinner every single night," she shared. "Luckily, it was fine because he’s actually an amazing cook and he loves to cook. He is the chef and then I bake."

The fashionista clearly knows her way around an oven, too. "There is my mom’s famous chocolate fudge Bundt cake that I can make. It has sour cream in it and it’s delicious and [Tim] loves that." She can also serve up a batch of cookies that are apparently drool-worthy. "There are also these chocolate blob cookies from Ina Garten’s cookbook that I make. They are the best cookies that you have ever had." Yum!

While Port obviously can make mouth-watering creations, she says she's not exactly a Holly Homemaker.

"As I have become a young woman, I have definitely taken more pride in learning how to cook, bake, or make my place as homey as possible," she dished. "I never thought I would."

Regardless of who is the head of the household, Port says one thing is for sure: Tim will look great in her newly-designed apron. "I am sure he’s going to love it," she laughed. " He’s going to [wear it] for sure."

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