Alison Gold Responds to ‘Chinese Food’ Racism Claims

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Dubbed the new Rebecca Black, 12-year-old YouTube sensation Alison Gold and her "Chinese Food" music video aren't without a few detractors.

The clip has gained significant attention — 8 million views and counting since it was posted on Monday (Columbus Day, at that!) — but some believe it has racist undertones because it depicts a long list of Asian stereotypes, from a panda rapping in accented English, to young girls dressed in full geisha garb (the latter of which, it should be noted, appear to be an attempt at Japanese cultural stereotypes, not Chinese).

One scene shows Alison and the panda playing Monopoly as the camera zooms in on "Oriental Avenue." At one point Alison tries to "make it rain" (with chow mein). And at the end, a Chinese chef bows as a gong is banged. As Wired points out, "It’s racist because it lazily traffics in racial stereotypes and paints over the distinctions between vastly different Asian cultures."

"Omg! Insider" sat down with the newly minted viral star and Patrice Wilson — the Svengali behind ARK Music Factory (also responsible for Black's "Friday") — to ask how they feel about the negative comments.

"I don't really understand what that's all about," Alison said. "I mean, I'm not trying to criticize anyone — I just really love Chinese food!"

As for the haters? "The haters are going to hate. I really don't care," she continued.

At least one funny celeb has chimed in on social media about the video:

So what do you think? Is the song too much, or all in good fun? See the video to decide for yourself, and be sure to tune in to "omg! Insider" on TV tonight for more of Alison and Patrice's interview.

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