Alec Baldwin Rages on Photographer While New Mom Hilaria Cries

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Alec Baldwin has an altercation with a photographer in NYC (Splash News)

It seems even the bliss of a having newborn around hasn't eased Alec Baldwin's wicked temper. On Tuesday, the star attacked photographer Paul Adao on a Greenwich Village street and pinned him to the hood of a car.

Of course, there were a handful of witnesses and the whole thing was caught on camera. Not that Alec cares.

Apparently, Adao, 60, had been snapping shots of Alec and his wife, Hilaria, as they stepped out on one of their first public outings since the birth of their daughter, Carmen Gabriela, on Friday, August 23. Adao reportedly even followed the couple into a store.

"Alec didn't want them taking any more pictures, so he went over and confronted him," Erick Nguyen, who runs Saigon Market, which is directly across the street from where the confrontation took place, recalled for the New York Daily News. "Baldwin grabbed him and threw him against the car."

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Fortunately, the baby was not present during the kerfuffle. But that doesn't mean it wasn’t upsetting. Though early shots clearly show Hilaria wagging her finger with a stern look on her face, later close-ups reveal the 29-year-old yoga instructor on her phone and in tears. (Alec does not appear to be by her side in this moment of distress.)

Maybe the actor was too busy calling 911 and complaining to the police. While both Baldwin and Adao placed emergency calls, neither ultimately filed a report and no arrests were made, which is good news for the new dad since just last year he was the subject of a criminal investigation when another photographer claimed Alec hit him in the face during a similar encounter.

Later that day, Hilaria tweeted, "We are here on earth to do good unto others. What the others are here for, I have no idea. - WH Auden," seemingly as a response to the unfortunate events that morning. By 8:30 a.m. the next day, however, it seemed Alec's outburst was the farthest thing from his wife's mind. "All I want to do is stare at her... Carmencita mía," she shared on the social media site.

Hopefully Hilaria will recover from having the baby soon so she can get Alec back in the yoga studio. Something tells us he needs it.

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