Adriana Lima Has a New Stylist: Her Daughter Valentina

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Adriana Lima with her kids; The model mom stays hydrated with Amazon Water.

Adriana Lima better look out — it sounds like she has a mini fashionista on her hands.

The Victoria's Secret stunner, who is mom to Valentina, 3, and Sienna, 1, tells omg! that her eldest daughter loves fashion and isn't afraid to give her mom style notes before she leaves the house.

"Valentina is so excited to dress up. She loves shoes specifically. Sometimes she comes to me while I am getting ready to go to work and she's like, 'Oh mommy, I don't think you should wear those shoes, put these shoes on,'" the Brazilian born catwalker dished at the launch of Amazon Beverages during New York Fashion Week.

Usually Valentina's toughest advice is centered on her A-list mom's footwear. Lima prefers to wear more comfortable shoes rather than the sky-high heels she's regularly photographed in.

"Most of the time, I honestly prefer to wear flats, and she tells me 'No Mommy. Put on the model shoes.' She calls the high heels model shoes. I am always like, 'Really?'"

The longtime Angel, who explained that she's headed to Paris this week to shoot the commercial for the Victoria's Secret Fashion show on December 10, says that although her daughter loves the pretty pumps, they're not always conventional.

"I don't necessarily think to feel feminine or to be stylish you need high heels. Not only for clothes but for shoes, there is a time and place for everything," Lima confided. "High heels cannot go to the beach. I mean, c'mon. It is a little too much. You need to know how to wear things and how to dress up."

Nonetheless, Valentina clearly has the makings of the next Rachel Zoe, but the 32-year-old explains that her cute kiddo also has an eye for design.

"Valentina loves to paint. I am just encouraging her love. Sometimes I take an old pair of jeans or a T-shirt and I give it to her and say, 'You can paint these if you want.' Actually, some cool stuff comes out of it."

Valentina isn't the only one who likes to play dress up. Little Sienna, who turns 1 today, will be celebrating her birthday in style.

"We are going to do a birthday in Miami and the theme is going to be fairies," Lima shared. "She and Valentina are going to be dressing up the same."

That sounds too cute for words! And we think it is safe to say, Adriana Lima's two tots might have a future on the runway if they continue their love for getting gussied up.

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