Adam Levine's ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ Title Immediately Under Fire

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With great honor comes great censure, which is why we hope someone prepped People's newest "Sexiest Man Alive" for the insta-blowback!

Just hours after Adam Levine, 34, was confirmed as the magazine's Anointed One, the Internet exploded with what has become almost expected annual criticism.

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Ever since Bradley Cooper's crowning in 2011 (aka "The Year It Should Have Been Ryan Gosling," according to protesters), fans unhappy over each new Mr. Sexiest's coronation end up making more noise than the announcement itself. And 2013 seems to be no different. Translation: Levine ain't exactly being universally embraced.

Unsatisfied readers also took to Twitter to complain.





Over 1,000 commenters on Yahoo!'s Sexiest Man Alive story sounded off since the post went up last night, mostly to air their grievances and offer up alternative choices.

Among the proposed replacements? "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth, Gerard Butler, Michael Fassbender, Scott Eastwood (even Clint Eastwood), and plenty of calls for Levine's "The Voice" co-coach, Blake Shelton.

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"Blake Shelton is far sexier," wrote Trudy, adding, "Hey People Mag, why not poll actual PEOPLE for your poll."

"Clearly no one has seen Henry Cavill (Superman)," Shawn groused, adding, "Enough said."

There were even multiple requests for Canada's most prominent scandal-maker — no, not Justin Bieber — Mayor Rob Ford!

Though commenter Sean did raise concern about the "Baby" singer's potential, writing, "I'm sexier then that guy. Who's next, Justin Beiber?"

Members of Hollywood also got in on the commenting action with comedian Jim Gaffigan joking that Levine scored his crown after it was offered elsewhere.

On Tuesday's installment of "The Voice," even Levine's cohorts got in on the teasing.

Carson Daly needled Shelton. "I'm sorry, Blake," Daly said. "It just didn't work for you, buddy."

"This is why I drink so much," Shelton replied, not missing a beat. "He stole my thunder."

But Levine made it very clear that, accolades or no accolades, there's only one man for him. "You're the sexiest man in my book," he reassured the country star.

Levine has been a good sport despite the negative reviews. In fact, the Maroon 5 singer seems to be embracing his title quite nicely, joking on "The Voice" that he felt "sexy" when the announcement was made, and telling the mag he's so confident in his bod that he likes to walk around in the nude.


However, he did reveal one person in his inner circle who didn't seem so impressed with his "Sexiest" title: Victoria's Secret supermodel Behati Prinsloo.

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Levine says he broke the news to his fiancée casually, saying, "Hey, how ya doing? Let's go to dinner tonight. And People magazine says I'm the Sexiest Man Alive."

Her reaction? "Laughter, a lot of laughter," Levine revealed. "She's keeping me humble."

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a lack of people willing to fill that role!

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