Aaron Paul Calls 10 ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans During Sunday’s Show

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Aaron Paul loves his fans. (Getty Images)

Add this to the list of reasons why we love Aaron Paul.

The "Breaking Bad" star, who appears to be vying for the title of coolest celebrity ever, called 10 of his fans on Sunday night.

An hour before his drug drama began its East Coast broadcast on AMC, the 33-year-old took to Twitter to solicit phone numbers from his followers. "Happy Breaking Bad day bitches! What's your number? Calling the first 10 people to answer questions. Ask me anything," he wrote, tagging it "#yeahbitch."

And it wasn't just hype ― Paul delivered. The actor, who was recently nominated for an Emmy for his foul-mouthed role as Jesse Pinkman, called his fans, who tweeted about the experience when they hung up.

“AARON F**KING PAUL JUST CALLED ME,” wrote @alesitarobledo after their chat. "Thank you so much for making my night!!!! I have an endless amount of respect and admiration for you!!"

@alonzo_j30 was similarly excited over the experience. "HOLY S**T!! @aaronpaul_8 CALLED ME!," he posted. "Best part guys was when I answered and he said "Yo bitch."

Fan @joshfishr was equally as excited, but used less colorful language, writing, "thanks for calling. Unreal. Looking forward to everything else."

As we noted in our recent post detailing the many reasons we are fans of the down-to-earth Idaho native, Paul has used the telephone to connect with his fans before. While shooting the series in New Mexico, several times he posted the number of a pay phone near the set and asked his followers (now over 780,000) to give him a buzz.

Of course he also recently made headlines when a star tour passed by his Los Angeles house and he went outside and greeted the shocked gawkers. He went so far as to climb on the bus and take pictures with an Irish family onboard, who posted footage of it online.

Paul's weekend wasn't limited to fan interaction. He was also feted at a surprise birthday party held by his new bride, Lauren, and their friends in advance of his August 27 birthday.

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