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  • #TBT: See Kelly Osbourne's School Pic From Long Before the 'Fashion Police' Fiasco

    Raechal Leone Shewfelt at Yahoo Celebrity 1 hr ago

    Then: Kelly Osbourne would've been fined by the Fashion Police in the ultra-conservative school uniform she wore in a pic shared by her mum, The Talk's Sharon Osbourne, on Thursday. "#TBT Kelly as a school girl!" Sharon wrote beside the photo. "On #IWD2015, stand #UpForSchool to empower the next gen. of women" International Women's Day is March 8.

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    Not the kind of woman we'd expect to see acting or dressing like everyone else these days.

  • Did Susan Sarandon and Younger Boyfriend Split Over a Reality Show?

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 1 hr ago

    The reality TV curse may have struck again.

    Susan Sarandon and boyfriend Jonathan Bricklin have hit a rough patch, according to reports. Page Six alleges that the 68-year-old actress broke things off with the SPiN New York co-founder, 37, following a disagreement over a reality show.

    No, they weren't fighting over whether or not Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna was too up in Kim Richards's business.

    The couple of five years both appear on AOL's Connected, which features "six personal stories, weaving together the lives and experiences of six New Yorkers in a format that merges the documentary, drama and reality genres."

    Maybe this is all just a good marketing strategy? The show launches on March 31.

  • Joe Jonas Is Now a Restaurateur, He's So Cultured

    Mallory Schlossberg at Yahoo Celebrity 2 hrs ago

    Joe Jonas is unleashing his inner Bobby Flay. The pop star has opened a restaurant, basically making him the unofficial JoBro ambassador of culture. Jonas's foodie endeavor is Hinterland in Santa Monica, California — it's super secret (it doesn't haven have a website, although it does have a Twitter account, which links to Jonas's Instagram), and you can probably only dine there if you're pals with Jonas or an ex-girlfriend.

    The restaurant hasn't gone full throttle with its social media campaign quite yet (and that's probably on purpose), but it did tweet a pic of the restaurant as it was under construction.

    And the restaurant latertweeted this photo of the finished space:

    Tres chic, Jonas. You sure know a thing or two about aesthetics.

    His pal Kyle Johnson tweeted:

    Obviously, the big mystery remains — what does the food even look like? What's Joe Jonas whipping up on his menu? And is it any good?

  • Remembering Lenny: A Family Friend Recounts the Story of Leonard Nimoy Boldly Going to Hollywood

    Leslie Parker at Yahoo Celebrity 2 hrs ago

    Yahoo Music managing editor Lyndsey Parker was vaguely aware of her family ties to the Star Trek legacy, but it was only after Leonard Nimoy's death last week, when her mother began posting childhood anecdotes on Facebook, that she realized it was her own grandfather, an actor himself, who helped launch Nimoy's career. Here, Leslie Parker reflects on Nimoy's humble Boston community theater beginnings and the electric blue '49 Ford that eventually led to his ride on the Enterprise.

    Back in the '50s, the circle of future luminaries who visited our Boston apartment grew as both my dad and Lenny acted with many talented amateurs. The actress Ruth Roman was part of this inner circle, as were future Hollywood directors Boris Sagal ( Masada ) and Elliot Silverstein ( Cat Ballou ). They used to sit around and talk of their dreams of making it big in glamorous Los Angeles. Eventually, they all ventured out west, and they all fulfilled their showbiz dreams. But not my father.

    Kid Monk Boroni was to be Lenny's first movie.

  • Nikki Reed Takes Her Animal Activism to the Next Level

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 4 hrs ago

    Nikki Reed is heading to Washington! Or, at least, Sacramento.

    Dressed in a smart suit with her hair pulled back, the Twilight alum, 26, took a trip to the State Capitol in California this week to testify for Assembly Bill 147. Reed argued that " animals used for science should not be discarded," and that cats and dogs should be allowed to be adopted after they've been tested on.

    "The cruelty that they endure being used for research purposes is harsh enough," she shared on Instagram. "Let's not further the abuse by claiming that rescues are not equipped to help them live out the rest of their lives peacefully."

    Reed documented her trip on the social media site.

    " Standing in front of The Capitol before I testify with Emma, a survivor from a San Francisco testing facility. The holes in her ears are a testament to the horror she endured #AB147," she captioned the below snapshot.

    The actress testified with Assembly member Matt Dababneh, and between the two of them, they got the bill passed.

    We're guessing Nikki and Ian are going to have a lot of furry guests at their wedding.

  • Benji Madden Is Like Totally Buggin' Without Cameron

    Robert Kessler at Yahoo Celebrity 5 hrs ago

    Currently in Australia working as a judge on their version of The Voice , Benji Madden is half a world away from his new wife, Cameron Diaz. And it seems like he's sort of losing it.

    "Rule #1," he captioned this photo on Instagram. "When you're away from home working and you meet a puppy, always take pics to send to Bae."

    Alright, well, that sounds like a very specific rule, but whatever works.

    Madden and Diaz were married at her home in Beverly Hills on January 5 after dating for about eight months, so a little cheesiness is to be expected. But, dude, get a grip.

    Madden also showed off his new tattoo, the word "Cameron" on his chest, on Instagram just last week.

    The dogstagram was not Madden's only shot dedicated to his wife. Just an hour later, Madden shared another shot of himself, this one with the caption, "Good morning Hunny."

    Cameron Diaz has not used Instagram since September 2014.

  • Adam Driver Poses Shirtless But Insists He's Just an Average Guy

    Mallory Schlossberg at Yahoo Celebrity 5 hrs ago

    Given his career trajectory of late, it's kind of tough to accept Adam Driver as just an average dude, but alas, it's the truth. He just wants to sit down, unwind, and unleash his inner older man without being followed out of a store.

    The Girls star, 31, took off his shirt and chatted with V Man— the for-dudes counterpart to V magazine — about his averageness and more in a juicy interview, which also happened to be peppered with these intense photos. Try your best not to get too hot and bothered, because he's probably not very comfortable with our ogling.

    "I value privacy and it's impossible to say that without sounding like a total asshole," he admitted. "Losing anonyminity is a real thing and it makes your job difficult because when you are what people are looking at, you start thinking about yourself as opposed to taking things in. And selling who you are as a person doesn't make sense to me."

    But despite the fact that he's obviously uncomfortable with all of the attention that coincides with fame, he tries to use his his public image for the better. 


  • Kristen Stewart Reveals Her Type

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 20 hrs ago

    What does it take to land Kristen Stewart?

    The new CR Fashion Book issue features the Chanel muse, who is fittingly photographed by Karl Lagerfeld. In it, Stewart, 24, talks about her type and what she finds attractive in a partner.

    “For me, the most attractive thing in a person is drive – genuine, impulse expressed for the sake of it, not for perception,” the Still Alice actress says. “I think that’s hot.”

    The need to create "is a compulsion and I share that," she continues. "I do not approach my life tactfully at all… I'm incredibly impulsive and I am definitely an intense weirdo. I love living and I love people. They trip me out and I want to know more about them all the time. That isn't something I can turn off and on."

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    Considering she's a celebrity, Stewart has to choose the people she lets in her circle carefully (romantically and otherwise).

  • Kim Kardashian Reveals a Beauty Flaw

    Raechal Leone Shewfelt at Yahoo Celebrity 21 hrs ago

    Kim Kardashian shares almost everything with the world, including her hard-earned svelte figure and chic wardrobe personally approved by her husband, Kanye West. However, she's just revealed that, in her younger years, she suffered silently with quite the beauty conundrum.

    "I have the hairiest forehead you could ever imagine," the selfie queen told People. "And I would always break out and get all cracky on my forehead just from all the hair that I had."

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    Not to worry, though, because Kardashian eventually found a solution to the problem.

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    We will never look at a photo of Kim in the same way.

  • Patricia Arquette on Not Straightening Teeth: I Didn't Want to Look Perfect

    Taryn Ryder at Yahoo Celebrity 22 hrs ago

    Following her big win, the Boyhood actress, 46, talked to People about the pressure Hollywood places on women.

    "I've had so many of these conversations in my life... what I look like on film, what I don't look like on film. What are we supposed to look like? Men are not having these conversations," Arquette told the mag. "It's like we're trapped in wet wool or something. I just want to be free of it so we can move to the next level as equals."

    She continued, "Not that I don't love being a woman, not that I don't love the differences between men and women. I just mean, as an actor – why is this a conversation? Why is aging a conversation? It's a one-sided conversation because it's only ever had by women."

    One physical attribute of Arquette's she says was scrutinized at a young age were her teeth. Patricia, who falls in the middle of siblings Rosanna and David Arquette, said she told her parents she didn't want braces or her teeth straightened because "it didn't feel like it would fit who I was inside."