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5 Things You Need to Know About Nick Jonas’s Sexy, Shirtless Selfie

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Nick Jonas (Instagram)

Nick Jonas, the youngest and — no offense to Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift, and all the rest — the most adorable JoBro, recently whipped fans into a frenzy.

Who knew that he had such a buff bod before he shared a sexy, shirtless selfie on Tuesday?! He captioned it, "I never do this but... Healthy living and fitness update. Post workout picture. #diabeticinshape #2.0"

Thankfully, the 20-year-old former Disney star opened up about the snapshot, which had 208,000 likes on Instagram as of Thursday afternoon, during an interview with L.A. radio show "On Air With Ryan Seacrest" on Thursday.

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Why did he post it? Nick explained that he didn't share the snapshot on a whim. "There's a lot of people running around without their shirts on these days so I just didn't want to add to the noise, but I felt like as a diabetic … it's twice as hard for us diabetics to stay in shape," he noted. "I've met a lot of diabetics recently who have come to me and said, 'Thank you for being so vocal about fitness and health' because it's helping them. I just wanted to give some inspiration to those people." The reaction, he added, has been "pretty hilarious."

Has he always been hiding such a hot bod underneath his clothes? Nope. Nick noted that he's been working hard to "look OK" for the upcoming movie "Careful What You Wish For," a thriller in which he has multiple love scenes with co-star Isabel Lucas. Mission accomplished!

Who took the photo? It was a true selfie that he only had to take once. "That was the funniest part of the reaction … people trying to figure out who took it," he laughed. "There's a self-timer setting on the camera."

What did Joe and Kevin say? Turns out, they were the ones who convinced their kid brother to go all Justin Bieber on us. "I debated [posting] it with my brothers and people in our band," he said. "I was like, 'Should I do this?' and they were like, 'You have to!' So I did it."

When will he post another? Tragically for all those Jonas Brothers fans, the beefcake snapshot might have been a one-time thing. "I don't know if it's something I'd do again," he said. "People will just have to go see the movie for more of that."

Unfortunately, you can't buy tickets just yet.

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