33 Reasons Not to Hate Kim Kardashian

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Kim Kardashian (WireImage)

Whether you love her or hate her, people are passionate when it comes to their stance on Kim Kardashian. Case in point: "That woman's ego is bigger than her butt" — which is an actual comment from an omg! reader, and one of the few that's printable. Ouch.

So on October 21, the day that the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star celebrates her 33rd birthday, our gift to her is offering some reasons why you shouldn't dislike her so much. After all, it's the woman's birthday!

1. She's one of the women who have made having a big booty even better than OK — it's now what we want.

2. She sells clothes that we can actually afford! (Kardashian Kollection at Sears, anyone?)

3. Her baby, North West, is really cute!

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4. She's keeping Nori out of the spotlight for the most part, even though she would make a lot of money if she chose to do otherwise.

5. She's made Kanye happy enough not to Kanye out (much) since they've been together.

6. She calls her fans dolls, which is cute rather than creepy coming from her. It's also better than Kimmians or Kimmers.

7. Just like the rest of us, she looks ridiculous when she cries.

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8. She's not afraid to make a mistake, even though it might make her look bad. (See Kris Humphries.)

9. People hate on her constantly, but she manages to keep her cool (kool?) most of the time.

10. But she shows us it's OK to be sassy from time to time as well.

11. She knows her strengths. Even though she could probably sign with any record company she wants, she retired her music career after "Jam (Turn It Up)."

12. Kim bravely tests cutting-edge beauty treatments such as the vampire facial so we don't have to. (Doesn't look too promising. Thanks, Kim!)

13. She admits that she works hard to keep her body looking so good.

14. She admits that she works hard to keep her hair and makeup looking so good.

15. She admits that she works hard to keep her nails looking so good.

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16. She makes it OK for us to post pictures of ourselves constantly. No matter how many selfies we post, it's not even close to the number she's shared with the world!

17. Kim can make money off pretty much anything, so you have to admit that she's business savvy.

18. The reality star is game to get weird at photo shoots.

19. She has cool friends. Obviously, Kanye is a fan, but Beyoncé and Jay Z have her back, too.

20. As much as she talks about style, she also talks a lot about being hardworking. (Even though her work is posing at a photo shoot or doing an interview, it's still work!)

21. Besides beauty tips, she shares her beauty blunders so we can all learn from her experience. In this case, don't stay in the sun too long!

22. Unlike a lot of celebrities, she once had a kinda sorta regular job. Kim was briefly a stylist.

23. She posts really cute throwback pics!

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24. She gave back the ring Kris Humphries gave her instead of keeping it. (Nevermind that she supposedly bought it for herself.) It was sold at auction last week for a whopping $749K.

25. Kim gives us something to look forward to on Sunday nights.

26. She makes fashion faux pas just like the rest of us.

27. She and Kanye asked for charity gifts instead of baby gifts.

28. She's super-close with her family.

29. Speaking of which, she paved the way for her little sisters, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, whom we adore.

30. She gave us a glimpse at the not-so-fun side of pregnancy.

31. She knows how to cook real food. None of that caviar and tofu business.

32. Don't you feel the slightest bit sorry for her that for all her fame, she doesn't even qualify for a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame? No? Oh.

33. Her and her family keep the celebrity news industry in business. If not for them, whatever would we read?

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