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Biebs! Vader! Putin! The Top 10 Facebook Movie Parodies

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You'd have to have been living under a rock for the past week (or not be amongst the 1.2 billion people who have a Facebook account) to have missed the personalized Facebook movies that are being shared far and wide on the popular social networking site in celebration of its 10-year anniversary,
In case you have missed them though, Zuckerberg and company have created a formula to cull through the best of each member's most popular posts to create a one-minute personalized montage for every account that comes complete with a cheesy soundtrack.

Of course, where there's an Internet trend, there's parody. Fake montages have popped up for a number of popular celebs and public figures ranging from Justin Bieber to Kanye West, and fictional characters from Darth Vader to Walter White (of "Breaking Bad" fame).
Our personal favorite? The faux flick belonging to embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford.
Check out our Top 10 roundup below:
Walter White: Relive the history of "Breaking Bad" all over again with this look back at the life of the show's anti-hero protagonist. RIP Heisenberg.

Rob Ford: If you only watch one of these, make it the wild and crazy one that captures the life of Toronto's party mayor. Admittedly our favorite of the bunch, it wouldn't be believable if it wasn't all REAL!

Justin Bieber: Poor Biebs! This parody serves as a documentary of the young singer's path to adulthood. The "thumbs down" at the end is a nice touch.

Prince Harry: This one made us laugh out loud as well. The only one who can party harder than Rob Ford and Justin Bieber is the second in line to the British throne. Is it bad that he's still our favorite royal?

Kanye West: We rather enjoyed this decade-long retrospective of brilliant art combined with unbridled ego. And it's perfectly timed to the 10-year anniversary of his breakthrough album, "The College Dropout," at that!
(warning: some language is NSFW)

President Obama: There's no more parody-worthy figure than the President of the United States. We're just surprised this one didn't come from the folks at "Saturday Night Live."

Vladimir Putin: What would a good Internet meme be without a salute to the great leader behind the current Olympic games? Naturally, it features plenty of (somewhat tacky) gay references (in response to Russia's anti-LGBT propaganda law).

Dexter Morgan: Similar to Walter White's montage, America's favorite TV serial killer reflects on his greatest stabs at capturing life's most meaningful moments.

Darth Vader: "Luuuuuuke, I am your faaaaather." "Star Wars" geeks will especially appreciate this vid, which is one of our favorites amongst the fictional character accounts.

Facebook itself: What would a Facebook parody be without making fun of the history of Facebook? Even though we've already seen this movie — it's called "The Social Network" — this "look back" is still quite witty and worthy.

Honorable Mention: Funny or Die's tribute for Mark Zuckerberg:

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