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#FaxingMattDamon — Affleck and Kimmel Rip on Their Luddite BFF

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Ben and Matt ... and Jimmy (Omaze/Getty Images)

We pity the fool in Hollywood who still isn't on Twitter.

Case in point: Matt Damon, who got taken to the cleaners on the popular social networking site Thursday night (and into Friday morning) by BFF Ben Affleck and his arch-nemesis/prankster-in-chief Jimmy Kimmel.

The day after the "Good Will Hunting" Oscar winners and childhood pals posted a hilarious new PSA promoting their respective main charities — the Eastern Congo Initiative (Ben's) and (Matt's) — Ben and Jimmy teamed up against their friend for not using Twitter as a platform to further promote his cause.

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It started out with this jab from Ben:

Then Kimmel chimed in:

Then Twitter came up with the hashtag #FaxingMattDamon:

And even Twitter CEO Dick Costolo chimed in:

And now #FaxingMattDamon is a thing.

We have a feeling the "Elysium" star, 43, is taking things in stride — and probably busy planning his next move. After all, Damon and Kimmel have been "feuding" for years. (Remember when Matt teamed up with Jimmy's then-girlfriend Sarah Silverman in 2008 to perform a little ditty called "I'm F---ing Matt Damon"?)

And after Damon took over Kimmel's show last year and renamed it "Jimmy Kimmel Sucks" (while the host was bound and gagged in a chair just off-stage), Kimmel banned Damon from ever returning.  

Alas, Damon was allowed to return, but when Damon was on Kimmel's show last week with the rest of the cast of "Monuments Men," Kimmel threated to "clear the room" if anyone clapped for Damon. "Every great hero has a nemesis," the talk show host said. "Spider-Man has the Green Goblin, I have Liberace's boyfriend. And tonight we cross swords again!"

It would be incredibly awesome if Matt joined Twitter now to get in on the conversation. C'mon, do it Damon! Do it! We dare ya!


UPDATE: On Friday evening, Matt Damon replied to Ben and Jimmy with this (although he's still not on Twitter!)

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