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  • Can Motherhood Pull Kim Kardashian Out of Her Decline?

    Vera H-C Chan at omg!10 mths ago

    Yes, the 32-year-old reality star was the most-searched person on Yahoo! in 2012, and we're pretty sure she's over the moon about the arrival of her new bundle of joy, but Kardashian's public image has been taking a beating for quite some time. Can motherhood help Kim change the world's perception of her?

    Not if she's tempted to try and beat the paparazzi by selling her baby's first photos to a magazine. But Kim and have reportedly said no to past offers. Still, since she plays a major role in the Kardashian empire — which has been built on their lifestyle lines and the nickelodeon peep shows of their daily lives (plus that two-part fairy-tale wedding special) —  it's hard for cynics not to expect Brand Mom in their family's next product rollout.

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