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  • Shakira Coyly Talks About Her "Most Personal Song Ever Written" at Her iHeartRadio Album Release Party

    Tiffany Lee at 2014 Jingle Ball 1 yr ago

    It's well established that the most celebrated hips in music don't lie, and neither does Shakira's song "23." Monday night at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, Calif., the sultry singer told her wild audience (one of the rowdiest, most excited audiences we've ever seen!) and those watching Yahoo Screen's live stream: "I looked into those blue eyes and I was like, 'This is right.'"

    Host Ryan Seacrest asked the blushing Shakira about her love life with hunky Spanish soccer star Gerard Piqué, who at age 27 is 10 years younger than the singer. The age gap did make Shakira hesitate at first, but Piqué won her over. She said with a giggle, "We are very touchy-touchy. We like to be all over each other." The happy couple, who met when Piqué was 23 — hence the song title — welcomed their baby boy, Milan Piqué Mebarak, to the world in 2012.

    Out of the whole interview, the answer we love the most was this valuable piece of wisdom Shakira gave when asked if she believed in love at first sight:

  • 7 Eye-Roll Moments In Lady Gaga's 'G.U.Y.' Video

    Tiffany Lee at Yahoo Music 1 yr ago

    In a nutshell, the pretention-addled, rambling sentence above is an example of the tone in her new music video for "G.U.Y." (stands for "Girl Under You"). Gaga's visions, like the universe, are forever expanding and at this point, her opulent results are looking silly instead of stimulating. Plus, peppering some really odd cameos in her new video isn't helping, either.

    Here are seven eye-rolling moments we saw in Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y.":

    1. Angsty Gaga - How many times do we need to see a wounded Lady Gaga crawling along the ground like a wounded bird? In "G.U.Y.," she is literally that, a bird shot down by a swarm of cash-grabbing businessmen. The singer sure isn't one for sublety.

     2. House party at Hearst Castle - The entire pool scene seems so sparsely arranged, like a student film borrowing a friend's uncle's vacation home. The palatial pool at the Hearst estate completely dwarfs anything Gaga was trying to do, so the dancers and random characters just seem like they wandered in. And the flower and tulle bouquet wrapped over the singer as she is carried into the pool is eye-roll city.

  • #FBF: Watch Shakira Talk About Her Life's Turning Point, Her Undercover UCLA Class

    Tiffany Lee at Yahoo Music 1 yr ago

    This Monday at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Yahoo Screen, Target and Clear Channel will co-host Shakira's album release party at the iHeartRadio Theater in Burbank, California. Watch the live concert and download the Yahoo Screen app here.

    It's Friday, you guys and time for a particularly sweet #FBF! We dug up our favorite interview with international singing (and sing contest-judging) sensation Shakira from the Yahoo archives. Shot in 2009 at the Yahoo Music studios, it is amazing to see how humble the singer is when talking about her work, even becoming bashful when asked if she considers her job title as "artist."

    What's also amazing? Shakira's twisty dreadlock braid things!

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  • Here's Why We Like VFiles' "Sexercize" Video for Kylie Minogue Better Than Hers

    Tiffany Lee at Yahoo Music 1 yr ago

    We wanted to write about Kylie Minogue's lip-bitingly sexy music video for her new Olivia Newton-John-goes-for-broke track "Sexercize"...until we saw VFiles' version. While Minogue prowls and flexes her perfect bod through a gymnasium of more sexy bods in nude bodysuits in her own music video, V Magazine multimedia off-shoot site VFiles gave some major eye candy to us male model-lovers out there.

    So why is VFiles' version of "Sexercize" better than Minogue's original? Simply, it has their tongue-in-cheek sense of humor that anyone who is a fan of the Internet and muscles can enjoy. Plus, having a powerful, clothed woman in charge of a harem of gorgeous men for once doesn't hurt either.

    With Minogue overseeing the casting via videoconference like the Wizard of Oz (*pats self on the back for pun*), she and Chaunsumlit put groups of hunky male models through the ringer in order to find those who are "more than just sexy," and has the "spectrum of sexiness in one guy."

  • 11 Music Stars Whose First Tweets Are, Ahem, Not Completely Boring

    Tiffany Lee at Yahoo Music 1 yr ago

    All right, everyone, we get that Justin Bieber and Katy Perry's #FirstTweets are totally whatever. It makes sense that the very first tweet they send out would be a marketing message. But there are plenty of singers and musicians who joined the social media platform on their own, or at least typed out their first tweet themselves, misspellings and all.

    We've gathered the inaugural blasts of some of our favorite artists that were utterly real and in no way promotional. Twitter is all about getting to know these celebrities personally, and for these music stars, we can totally see their personalities in their first tweets.


    1. #lol #simple

    tweet tweet!


    2. #haiBB #gotchu got me.


    3. #ohgirl

    i have officially entered the 20th century. i mean the 21st.


    4. #wat #contextplz

    "EVIL queen" ( and man i attract alot) as much as many "mature" people here think Perez plays "Evil Queen" he doesnt any more he may have


    5. #loveumoar

    Love you


    6. #faaaaabulous

    yes folks, this is FINAAAAAAALLY ADAM!!!


    7. #nomercy

    I think I have become a part of this! let the world weep, Oderus is on Twitter!


    8. #ugoodnow #twitpic


  • SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Jake Buggin', Bolanin' and Badu-in'

    Tiffany Lee at Maximum Performance 1 yr ago

    With sore feet, ringing ears and heavy hearts, we bid farewell to another exciting year at SXSW. We welcomed Blondie, 2Chainz, Green Day's Foxboro Hot Tubs and more to Yahoo HQ at Brazos Hall and hit up everything from Lady Gaga to Macaulay Culkin's Velvet Underground cover band about pizza (yes, it's real and delicious).

    For our last hours, we welcomed the ever-talented young Jake Bugg, blushed with Erykah Badu and saw some more of the excellent rock that filled the streets and stages in Austin.





    #BASICALLY #notatweetbutwhatevs








  • SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Lou Reed Tribute, Sam Smith Preaches, Green Day Gets Foxy

    Tiffany Lee at Maximum Performance 1 yr ago

    Friday, I'm in love. Last night's South By Southwest happenings ranged from RuPaul's Drag Race star Sharon Needles paying tribute to Lou Reed, Sam Smith hitting highs and Green Day's Foxboro Hot Tubs taking the stage at Brazos Hall for Yahoo, fox tails and all.

    After days of mind-bending music, will the Yahoo away team come home ear drums in tact? Follow Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and Paul Rosales on Twitter for their up-to-date #SXSW antics.

    Check out all the SXSW shenanigans on Yahoo Music!


    Washed Out feels it all around #ButlerPark #SXSW










  • SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Kris Allen Rocks Brazos, Lil Wayne Answers (Almost All) Questions

    Tiffany Lee at Maximum Performance 1 yr ago

    Take a look at what Yahoo editors Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and Paul Rosales got up to on Friday afternoon and be sure to follow them and @YahooMusic for more #SXSW updates.

    Check out more SXSW shenanigans on Yahoo Music!


    .@krisallen rockin' out acoustic style at Yahoo's Brazos Hall on "In Time" #yodel #sxsw


    Wild Feathers covering Levon Helm at @thegrammys' #sxsw HQ #yodel



  • Wanna Know How to Rock? Blondie Showed SXSW How It's Done

    Tiffany Lee at Maximum Performance 1 yr ago

    The crowd at Austin, Texas's Brazos Hall was in absolute "Rapture" Thursday night, when one of the most legendary names in rock took to the stage at South By Southwest. It was hard to believe that Blondie were celebrating their 40th anniversary as a band, but the moment everyone heard legendary frontwoman Debbie Harry's iconic purr, it was like the audience was sent back to the heart of the 1970s New York punk scene.

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    In a sharp platinum bob and lip-print leggings, Debbie was still a rock goddess, emanating as much effortless sass in one hour as most lead singers today can only dream about in a lifetime. There wasn't a single music fan who visited Austin this year (or even in the last 40 years), nor a single spectator at Yahoo's Brazos Hall on Thursday, who could deny the immense influence Blondie has had on the rock genre.

    Yahoo and the Smithsonian Channel livestreamed Blondie's SXSW performance, but luckily for those who missed it, here's the Vines!

    1. One Way or Another

    2. Rave

    5. Mile High

  • SXSW '14 Tweetcap: Blondie, Gary Clark Jr. and Janelle Monae Go Off, Gaga Goes Cuckoo

    Tiffany Lee at Maximum Performance 1 yr ago

    Another day, another insane lineup of incredible artists crammed into one town. What more can you ask for?

    It was a stellar evening for the purple people as Yahoo hosted none other than the venerable new wave icons Blondie for an exclusive SXSW show and live stream with the Smithsonian Channel. All the while, another superstar blonde in music was getting rotated on a spit and vomited on (no joke). But acts like Gary Clark Jr. and Janelle Monae and more stuck to their guns with fantastic music and incredible live performances.

    Take a look at what Yahoo editors Lyndsey Parker, Billy Johnson Jr. and Paul Rosales got up to and be sure to follow them for more #SXSW updates.

    Yahoo Music writer Laura Ferreiro was scouring the SXSW landscape as well! #rawk