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  • Jennifer Lopez: 'I Don't Love Being Alone'

    Sarah Flanigan at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Jennifer Lopez has had her fair share of romances in the public eye. From her current boyfriend, Casper Smart, to her days dating Diddy, the songstress has never been known to be single for too long, and now we know why. The "American Idol" judge is opening up in the April 2014 issue of InStyle magazine about one thing she really doesn't like in life: being alone.

  • Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom's Sweet Red Carpet Run-In

    Sarah Flanigan at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    While it seems like it might be weird to spot your ex on a red carpet, Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr proved Sunday night at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party that it isn't the case for them. The Australian model was chatting it up with an ABC "On the Red Carpet" reporter when her estranged husband spotted her as he headed into the shindig. The "Romeo and Juliet" actor walked over to the mother of his son, Flynn, told her, "You look amazing," asked her if she was well, and then walked into the party. Miranda, who looked stunning in a silver Kaufman Franco gown, responded happily, saying  "Thank you" and blushing a bit before going back to her interview with the reporter. While this moment might be awkward for many estranged couples, these two seemed to manage seeing each other again with great ease. However, their amiable encounter isn't really shocking. The handsome actor revealed to Katie Couric on her talk show in November that even though he and Miranda are no longer together, that doesn't mean there are hard feelings between them. "There's no question that, for the sake of our son and everything else, we're going ...

  • Paris Hilton's 'Legally Blonde' Moment

    Sarah Flanigan at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Paris Hilton is known for her over-the-top approach to life, extravagant spending, and doing what she wants to do. But now, it seems as if the 32-year-old is channeling her inner Elle Woods from "Legally Blonde." The heiress was spotted on Wednesday in Beverly Hills driving around in her customized pink Bentley and shopping at Barney's New York, where she donned an outfit that matched the color of her car.

    The blond bombshell seemed as if she was enjoying the ride quite a bit, so much so that she even shared a pic with her Instagram followers.

    Not only does the heiress seem to be emulating Reese Witherspoon's character, dressing to the nines in pink, but she's also riding around in a snappy sports car just as Elle did. If that's not enough, she also has a pet Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, just like the lovable lawyer's pup, Bruiser Woods. While a law degree might be the only thing Paris needs to make the comparison with Elle complete, we're not sure the degree will happen anytime soon, because Paris has been zipping all over the world in an effort to get her DJ career off the ground.


  • Two Divas, One Stage, and a Lot of Gold Lamé

    Sarah Flanigan at Yahoo Celebrity 1 yr ago

    Talk about one spectacularly shiny performance! Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera got together on Tuesday's finale of "The Voice" for a very divalicious version of Gaga's latest single, "Do What U Want."

    Dressed in outrageously amazing matching gold lamé outfits for their performance, it sure looked like they had known each other forever — but it turns out, it was their first meeting.

    "This is the first time we've ever met," said Christina. "I have to say, when I heard she wanted to collaborate, I said, 'Of course! Lady Gaga! I've been waiting to meet her.' She's such an innovative artist and a risk-taker and, as a fellow female, I have so much respect for that."

    Though the two were rumored to be feuding, it's pretty clear they've finally settled those rumors once and for all!

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