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  • Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz Rushed Offstage Amid Gunfire at Cannes

    Roger Friedman at omg!11 mths ago

    Two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz got the shock of his life Friday evening on the Croisette — the main boulevard in Cannes.

    The "Django Unchained" star was being interviewed on the live TV talk show "Le Grand Journal," an entertainment program that broadcasts from Martinez Beach every day during the Cannes Film Festival, when a man in the audience took out a gun and fired two shots.

    "Luckily they [were] blanks," Waltz told exclusively. "We thought maybe it was a joke or something to do with Occupy Cannes. I think he was just crazy. They wrestled him to the ground but then he yelled, 'I have a grenade!' That did it."

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    Waltz — who was ushered offstage — said the man seemed to be shooting in the direction of actor Daniel Auteil, but it was random.

    "I had a very good bodyguard who moved fast and got me out of there," said Waltz.

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  • Emma Watson ‘to Die for’ in Sofia Coppola’s Hollywood Heist Movie

    Roger Friedman at omg!11 mths ago

    "Harry Potter" star Emma Watson hit Cannes on Thursday night with a thunderclap.

    She's the star of Sofia Coppola's ensemble piece "The Bling Ring," which is about L.A. suburban teens who in real life broke into the homes of several celebrities and stole over $3 million worth of merchandise in 2009. This is not the Hermione of Hogwarts although her character Nicole could use a Quidditch stick to fly away from the police when they come to her house with search warrants.

    Last night after the red carpet premiere, W magazine's Stefano Tonchi and Lynn Hirshberg threw Coppola, Watson, and company a splashy soiree on the rooftop of the JW Marriott Hotel on the Croisette.

    And Emma was the toast of the party.

    When mentioned that her performance recalled Nicole Kidman's comic breakthrough in "To Die For" back in 1994, she gasped, "That's what I was going for! I love her in that movie. I'm so glad someone noticed!"

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro Take on JFK Assassination

    Roger Friedman at omg!11 mths ago

    The so-called conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy is coming to the big screen — and not from director Oliver Stone.

    About three years ago, Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way production company announced intentions to make a film called "Legacy of Secrecy," which threatened to blow the lid off of what really happened in Dallas in November 1963.

    Now DiCaprio's father, George, who put the project together, says the film is finally coming to fruition. George told yesterday that "Legacy" follows the saga of FBI informant Jack Van Laningham. DeNiro would play Mafia kingpin Carlos Marcello, who confided to Van Langingham that he ordered the hit on Kennedy. Marcello died in 1993. But back during the days following the assassination, at least a dozen of Marcello's associates were questioned by the FBI. Nevertheless, Marcello's name never appeared in the Warren Report.

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