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  • Spying, Public Disses, and Snubs: It's All Relative for the Judds

    omg!4 mths ago

    As the Judds once sang, "Love Can Build a Bridge." What they didn't say in that sweet song, but that singers Wynonna and Naomi Judd, as well as Naomi's younger daughter and Wynonna's half-sister Ashley, know all too well is that love can also build dysfunctional families. In the latest Judd family drama, Ashley, 45, accused Wynonna, 49, of spying on her. ABC News reported that Ashley went to the Franklin Police Department after the device was discovered in her silver Mini Cooper last month. The actress said she suspected it had to do with "an ongoing custody dispute" between the two and the unnamed driver of the car, Wynonna's 17-year-old daughter Grace, according to multiple reports. The story isn't surprising, though, when you think about the Judd's history of family drama. Way back in 1995, former manager Ken Stilts told People that Wynonna and Naomi were "at each other's throats every minute of the day" during the time they were one of country music's biggest acts of the '80s. "They performed many times with sunglasses so you couldn't see they had been crying," Stilts said. And that's just two of them!   Here are three more of the Judd's most dysfunctional family moments:

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